Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's Totally Hot Out Here

I wore my mustard colored tights to try to brighten my mood. I can't seem to sleep this week. Consider me a sad Panda.
I love these tights though and I don't know the brand. I would like to since I want dozens more. I found them at some shop on Abbott Kinney and didn't think they were going to last but they have and that makes me happy. Yay.
dress: Ross, tights: ?; boots: Victoria's Secret catalogue (like 7 years ago); coat: Target; earrings + bracelet: I made; ring: H&M
I wore the jacket in the morning and it was totally unneccessary considering it was around 75 degrees at 7:45 in the morning.  Today is even hotter too.
Yesterday on the way home my back was full 'o sweat when I got out of the car. Ew gross. This, however may be a sign the heat is here to stay 'cause that's what happens when you live somewhere that gets hotter than the sun. We'll see...
You know what else makes me happy? This ring!


LoveMakesTheGirl said...

Your outfits always make me so happy :) I'm loving the yellow tights! I love mustard yellow but...I'm not sure if I could pull these off, unfortunately.

I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel really guilty about our warm CA weather, especially when I read about bloggers who are experiencing snow, rain, etc. Though I love it, of course, because I'm a wuss and I can't handle cool temperatures :)

And I love the deer ring! I hope you get caught up on sleep so you can be a Happy Panda :)

Vanessa said...

That ring is awesome! And so is your blue and mustard combination! Chic and fun!

Shasie said...

Hi! I tagged you in my 7 Facts Blog Awards Post. Check it out!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Your boots are totally amazing, as is that ring, could do some serious damage with it though!

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What Sadie Did said...

Hi I found your blog through a forum on IFB and just wanted to say that I love your style and am now following your blog!

I REEALLLY love that stag ring and am gutted there's no H&M in NZ!! Boo!

Sadie x

Anonymous said...

I simply MUST have that ring (plots evilly).

- Tessa

Thick Threads said...

you look super hawt! i love the dress and the yellow tights combination! the colors are really compatible and the boots look really good with it all, its very vintage and pretty :) cute jacket! The whole sweaty back situation happened to me today aswell..grossness! but what can you do..atleast you where looking hawt! :D in all sense of the word :P


Christine Iversen said...

awww what a cute ring :)
Beautiful pictures :)

Xoxo Christine