Saturday, January 30, 2010

Revisiting 70s comfort...

Gauchos: Forever21; Ruffle Blouse: H&M; Boots: Victoria's Secret; Necklace & Earings: I made
Our Friday's at work used to be casual. Now they aren't. I do, however make a point to be comfortable. My 70s gauchos are always just that - super comfy. I paired them with a favorite ruffle shirt, my riding boots (which I soon need to replace as the are looking a little worked - I wear them ALL the time) and I was on my way. The pants have a small orange line running through them, so I honored that with my deep orange cameo necklace I made a last month. I couldn't bare to do much with my hair, which is the case most mornings after I finish my makeup, so I just threw in some small butterfly clips. I was just dying to buy this adorable Stop Staring dress from Daddy-0's online (the best prices on vintage reproduction dresses!) I found it forever ago and have been coveting it ever since. I finally had to do it, I bought it :) I am so excited to get it in the mail next week! The precious key hole at the neckline and the cap sleeves...ahhhh, I need it! I have another dress from Stop Staring (that I also purchased off of Daddy-0's) with the same neckline, but a wiggle bottom. It's linen colored with black trim. Everytime I wear it I get so many compliments. 1940's is the silohuette that looks best on me, so I am counting the days until I get it. I had to get it delivered to my work so I could sneek it into my closet so my husband won't see. He always rolls his eyes and asks how I could possibly need another dress (or another pair of shoes)...*sigh* he'll never get it. LOL - I sooooo don't care!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thought I would brighten up my day...

Sweater: Costco (by: Fever); Tank: Nordstrom Rack; Belt: Off some Forever21 outfit; Skirt: H&M; Tights: Target; Shoes: Macy's (Kenneth Cole Reaction)
This was one of the longest weeks at work. We've been so busy it's chaos. So I tried hard this week to look stylish. It helps me to get up in the morning when I look forward to what I am wearing the next day. This was Thursday's outfit. I had to get ove the hump('cause it felt like Friday already) and I came up with one of my new favorite outfits. I absolutely adore the color of this skirt! It's electric!! I thought the red would set it off great and I had the perfect sweater, too. The bright red flowers always make me happy when I pull it out of the closet. The best black tights and comfy heels I can wear all day. My favorite black mary janes are fantastic, but not suitable for work, darn life story. lol
NARS red lizard lipstick is the BEST red lipstick I have ever come upon. I don't normally spend $24 on lipstick, but I couldn't put it down after feeling the divine texture, and it lasts quite a while as well. There is so much pigment it takes some work to get it off at the end of the day. So anyway, I decided I loved it so much I went right on back to Sephora and looked through the other colors by NARS and to my disappointment, that was the only lipstick in that formula! Come on - really? Shoot! So anyhoo, that was my lipstick disappointment. But that's ok, I ended up spending the $24 on other goodies :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Feeling Smooth 70s

(I also took a couple of pics with my awesome huarache style wedges. They would have been my shoe of choice if I knew I wasn't going to have to wear them for 10 hours.)
Dress: Target online; Sweater: Macy's; Tights: JC Penny; Earrings & Belt: H&M; Necklace: The Limited; Shoes: Chinese Laundry
I work in an office setting so I can't get too stylishly crazy, so I keep it pretty mild. I was feeling 70s so I pulled out my worn, vaguely bali inspired, cotton dress and paired it with my 70s vintage brown sweater. I added my sparkly brown belt to add a little bit of disco :) I can't wear heels that are very high at work as I am up and down from my desk all day and running around, so I pulled out my brown, wingtip oxfords. So comfy! I love them paired with these grey tights. I have had these tights for so long, I don't know how they still exist. My mom bought them at JC Penny when I was in junior high. (I love it when I manage to keep things for over a decade!) The earrings were huge when I first bought them, but I grabbed my jewelry tools and went to work, now they are just the right size. The dirty gold necklace with tiny coral and pearl balls has a vintage feel which is always a good thing!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter Sun - I couldn't resist

Dress & Belt: H&M
Pearls: Norstrom Rack; Earrings: I made
Boots & Socks: Macy's (Style & Co.) & (Hue)
So here's my first post - One of my favorite dresses. The red gingham is such a happy, classic print, but I think the halter adds a little bit of sexy sass. The full skirt is just plain fantastic. It moves great when I walk and it's also super fun to twirl in. I belt it often because it makes the skirt gather and the waist cinch for a pretty silohuette. A fabulous spring/summer dress, but I couldn't help but pull it out of the back of my closet on a beautifully sunny day, after a week of heavy rain. It was cool out(for the Los Angeles Valley at 3pm),but with my thick hat with faux fur and ear flaps, it was no bother. The boots are one of my favorite pairs of knee high boots. The antiqued leather and victorian lacing with a contemporary styling - I just love 'em! The belt is one I wear often. It's a bit thick, but I think I make it work ;) The other shoe's I like to pair with this dress are my butter yellow, peep toe wedge heels, my saddle shoes or black, heeled mary janes. PS: My posts will get more exciting in time. Just need to refrest my code skillz :)

Well, here I am blogging...

I really never thought I would start a blog. Not for any particular reason really, I have no aversion to computers or blogs, I just didn't know what I had to say... Well, I still don't, but I've seen some great inspiration online. I was just tooling around on a lazy day, looking for some vintage dresses and retro hairstyles and landing on some neat links. Chronicling clothing and ensemble ideas with where they were discovered or maybe how you could make your own? What?! Awesome - Why didn't I think of it before?! All these great ladies doin' their thing and sharing know-how and style! It's kinda like scrapbooking, but so much better! (Sorry scrapbookers, it's just an artform I haven't taken to...yet.) The title of my blog is from a favorite song of mine "Never Forget You" by the Noisettes off their most recent album. They are spectacular!!! Everytime the line comes up in the song I smile, sing at the top of my lungs and think of silver Dr. Marten boots! Just the best!! [I'm a kid of the era of grunge and still wear a pair of 14 hole boots on occasion, but not my original pair, (that I purchased at 12 years old at the Norstrom at Valley Fair in San Jose,) unfortunately. Those just didn't make it.] So here's to vanity, exhibition and love of style! On to a more visually stimulating post...