Sunday, February 28, 2010

Daydreams: What I Wish I Could Pack If I Were Going Anywhere...

Travel Sheik 60s
So this is what I've decided, if I were going anywhere this is what I would pack. Why? Because I think this combo could serve wonderfully for plenty of occasions from breakfast to dinner. Also, I like to romanticise travel, especially to places like Europe in the spring. Really, a good pair of walking shoes and items that don't wrinkle easily are best, but whatevs - let me live in my little world ;) 
I studied art history and haven't seen 95% of what I studied, but that is something I plan to do before I die. I would do it now, but kenneling 2 dogs, one a bit unstable (due to horrific previous owners) is expensive and traumatic for me to leave my babies...
We're just trying to make it to the mountains to get some snow action before winter is over before we know it. That's what I'm looking forward to.

Travel Sheik 60s by kamundy featuring Ri2k bags

Apron? Nah, just looks like one...

I took these pics so fast I guess I couldn't even bother to straighten the camera. This ensemble was just plain comfortable. My girlfriend found this in a $5 pile of clothing we were going through at the Pasadena Swap Meet/Flea Market (whatever they're calling it.) Anyway, a pile of clothing all $5 is just cool. We found some fun goodies. It was a large, so it would be quite large on my friend, so on to me it went. It's not long enough for a dress, but almost too long for a tunic. Hmmmm, it's going to be hard to style this one. We'll see what I come up with next time.
I love the print, I haven't really seen orange, green and brown used in something that I really like, but it's so cute. The sherbert polka dots are so cute especially in a ruffle. That same cute fabric even covers the buttons. Yea!
top/dress: flea market; skirt: H&M; tights: Bare Necessities; oxfords: Chinese Laundry; neckace: Nordstrom Rack; Earrings & Bracelet: I made from jewelry from H&M

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Garden Tea Time

So I pretty much want everything in this set. I definitely think I can make something similar. Here's to that challenge. Who knows when I will fullfill it :) At least it's fun to have more of a goal than just "everything"...
Spring Garden
Spring Garden by kamundy featuring Miss Selfridge skirts
Items in this set:
Beiger Cardigan - Designer Mode Fashion Online Shop, 250 EUR
Cream Floral Printed Skirt, 30 GBP
Prada Shoes: New Women's Prada Shoes, Spring/Summer 2010, $745
Bracelet, $290
Bow Clock Brooch, $32

Oh yeah, I also purchased these just now...
Aren't they great? I love the color and the spectator detailing. My husbby will kill me when he finds out - (if he finds out...*insert evil laugh*) has 15% right now and thank goodness, cause these are a spluge. I hope they are true to size, cause I'm gonna be super bummed if they run short. I tried on the Steve Madden two tone oxford I posted here earlier and they run a whole size smaller - say what?! Yup. So anyway, I went looking for other goodies to satiate my heeled oxford obsession. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed.
However, I'm done buying stuff for a while, I'm kinda tired of spending money... YEA!!! Maybe I can actually save something for my savings. Now that would be truely amazing!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

'Twas a Plaid Day in L.A.

I'm a bit behind in posting, this in my ensemble from Monday. I love this skirt. I found it at Nordstrom Rack for $12. What a find! And you know what else I purchased at Nordstrom Rack... this top. The cap sleeves are kinda nice surprise for a tie mock neck shirt. It could have easily been long sleeve, but that is why I like it. The pleating under the tie and the little keyhole are neat, too.
These boots always kick ass. I wear them with everything. I can't always wear them to work due to the height of the heel, though. I like them with this skirt because it is actually pretty long. It buttons up the front with no real reinforcement, which is a bit strange as I walk the spaces opened up in between the buttons, and it did the same thing even when I sat. So out came the velcro and the sewing machine. I stiched in black velcro right inbetween the buttons. Problems averted! Also the velcro helps me not to worry about a button sliding out, which has happened, but the velcro saved the day. I also do this with my snugger blouses. No worries about showing my bra the whole day - good stuff!
So here's my gripe, why do 50% of the pencil skirts made have pockets. WTF! They ALWAYS pop out at the hip and across the front. Grrrrrr. Why is a pocket in a skirt, that is supposed to fit snuggly, a good idea? It's really not. I have 4 skirts that were purchased due to their affordability and not being able to find ones without. For one, I stitched them closed, another I'm planning on doing the same, but I've had other hand stitching lately that has taken priority, one I don't know what to do, this plaid one is the last. This one is the only one that is ok. Probably because it is a hip sitting skirt. It's hard to tuck things into it, but I do it sometimes anyway and I tuck in the back all day long. It's still awesome!

Classic Sailor of Winter?

I'm waiting for summer as I stare out into the grey sky. I love winter, but not when there is a smattering of warm days in with the cold. It's so hard to plan an outfit.
If I had my druthers, this would be the outfit I was wearing today. Heels or Oxfords :) Isn't the dress, in particular, adorable

sailor classic

Items in this set:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

For the Love of Stripes

A Post to Appease the Thrift Gnomes
Today you would have been proud, it 'twas a day for the annals of thrifting. I found one of my new favorite shirts. I went through rack after rack and found so many items that you would approve of for me. But I set my goal, $20 can buy you everything you could possibly want at the Salvation Army when you are without funds. And today it was true. This shirt I grabbed I spied years ago at Nordstrom. There was no clearance fairy on the mall that day so I turned and walked away, just too expensive.

top: thirfted; skirt: Express; belt &bracelet: H&M; earrings & necklaces: I made; Tights: Target; heels: DSW (Chinese Laundry)
Low and behold, 3 years later, a forgotten top. I couldn't believe I remembered the shirt as someone else discarded it. It jumped into my arms. My favorite adage rings true time and time again - One person's trash is another person's treasure. Treasure indeed!
The fasten on the back above the cute keyhole neck was gone. The patch was coming unsewed, I knew I could save it. I went to Joann's fabric to pick up a frog clasp, mended the patch and then it was complete. The adorable pleated, short sleeves, the strange, but pretty green bejeweled patch/permanent brooch on the front, it was as if the top was made for me.
I am happy, thank you for your guidance Thrift Gnomes!

There must have been something mighty interesting off to my left. I wish I had gotten a good pic of the earring in my other ear, a ship wheel. I was feeling quite nautical. I have a short, pleated white skirt this will look even better with, come warmer weather of course, and a cute pair of wedges - stop! So cute!

Monday, February 22, 2010

So They Said It Would Rain - They Lied...

This weekend I went out to visit my girlfriend in Brentwood. She used to live in Marina Del Rey, so I am SUPER happy. Her move cuts 15 minutes off my travel time in my drive to hang out. Awesome. Anything that cuts off traffic time in L.A. is just fantastic. I sit in soooo much of it. On my way to work, back from work, I waste a solid amount of gas just sitting. "Take the Bus/Train" you say...That takes so much frickin effort aaaannnnnndddd it would take foreeeevvver to get to work and so much walking is involved, it's kinda crazy. So I will just go on complaining about the need to take public transport and my inate desire to not be inconvenienced anymore in the morning than I already am, by having to leave an hour before I need to be at work to go 17 miles.
Wahwahwah. Yes, I know, the river I'm crying is getting all over your shoes... but as you can see I am wearing my version on rainboots, my Docs. Weeeeee!
Shirt: Kohl's; Jeans: Macy's; Boots: Dr. Marten's; Necklace & Glasses: Nordstrom Rack; Hat: Bass  
I always drop into KOHL'S when I get the $10 coupons in the mail and sometimes even when I don't. The deals are just so darn good sometimes. We received a gift certificate for Christmas and we still hadn't used it, so I took it and went to KOHL'S peruse the deals. When I asked my husband if he wanted me to pick up anything, he looked at me in horror. He knows I shop there from time to time, but still he's a bit of a snob when i come to that store. Little does he know, he has a couple of t-shirts from that very store...he would be hesitant to admit it. The whole thrift store thing is kinda beyond him, too. He sees everything I bring home and he's all about it. "Wow, that's great!" But then when I suggest he comes with me he says no. Then he goes to PacSun and buys a button up, collared shirt for $48. *Sigh* Someday, he will see the light. Sorry, I digress...
I found this shirt and I totally dig the color. The gingham, of course, is always my style, then add the cute, pleated sleeves and the ruffle detail. I threw on the hat when i was taking pics, it was cold and I love it :)
So anyway, the forecasters said it was supposed to rain all weekend. It spit. That was about it. It was nice and cold at our house though. I always like being warm in the house then bundling up and going into the cold. I started to lose the light so I had to get creative with the editing with the exposure, etc...
This was just for fun...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Leopard Love

This is my all time favorite coat. It is the perfect 60s style, kinda Jackie Onassis, but in leopard!
I found it in the Victoria's Secret catalogue many years ago and it was a bit much for my tiny wallet to start... I kept my eye on it for months, (cause they send you like, 2 catalogues per week so it wasn't too difficult), and finally it made it to the 70% Clearance catalogue - AWESOME! $24.99 + shipping later, I had my fabulous new coat. I wear it year round and I always get compliments on it.
 If I had to pick 2 items that represent my style, it would be this coat and my black riding boots, (worn in quite a few posts here.) I wear them everywhere, with everything. I have plenty of nice coats, but if I don't want to think about it- Bam! it'always perfect :)
I don't really know how to wear this blouse, but I just love the butterfly sleeves and the print. It just reminds me of the 70s. So I normally belt it - shocker right? -Nope. Anyway, when I found it at Anthropologie on clearance I just grabbed it on a whim. What I don't get - it's an XS. How the heck was this thing supposed to be worn? Goodness knows I am not an XS in ANY situation sooo....enlighten me at will.
Coat: Victoria's Secret catalogue; Blouse: Anthropologie; Pants: H&M; Boots: Steve Madden; Sunglasses: Nordstrom Rack (Betsy Johnson); Jewelry; I made

Friday, February 19, 2010

I Heard the 90s Knocking

Dress: (BCBGeneration); Boots: Victoria's Secret; Tights: Bare Necessities; Sweater: Macy's (American Rag); Belt & Bracelet: H&M; Hat: (The Uber Shop-August Accessories); Earrings & Necklace: Gift
This hat reminds me of the movie "Benny & Joon" and the 90s in general. I have no idea what era this hat was designed from, but I know it handles rain well which is the main reason I purchased it. The last time it rained my awesome umbrella broke. It was covered in cats and dogs - get it? It's raining Cats and Dogs. So anyway, I went on an online search for another umbrella, same theme. Sadly, I still haven't found it, I'm holding out. So I bought hats :)
I have gotten so much use out of this BCBGeneration dress from Overstock. It's just comfortable and I love the color. Especially with the burgundy tights. These tights are just so cool. Love 'em.
The sweater, I have had for years and I've only worn it a handful of times. I feel fat in it, but belting it helps I think. It's still not a favorite, but workable. It's a simple knit stitch and its comfy so the Salvation Army is not getting this donation just yet.
These boots have been my babies, my go to boots if I can't do heels. They are so comfortable and I wear 'em over slim pants or with dresses or skirts. They are like, an adult version of my cherished Dr. Martens, (which will inevitably make an appearance here at some point.) Something I can wear to work and not look like Abby from NCIS. She is super awesome, by the way, but the ridiculous platform boots to work really isn't that great.
Anyway, my boots are coming up from the sole a bit and the leather is getting so worn, it is pretty close to not looking like a nice clean riding boots. I've been looking into some Steve Madden's.
I have a brown pair and they are great so I was just perusing these:

and these:but, we shall see...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Betsy

Dear Betsy J.,
I want to wear your dresses and drink a spot of tea...

The Betsy Johnson dresses I normally gravitate towards are 50s inspired. The hem is contemporary length, however.The black skirt on the above dress is so pretty and just a little poofy. The tiers are so pretty and though there are many, it doesn't seem too heavy. I normally run from lilac, but I like it with the black lace overlay. The bow at the waist is perfect to help bridge the gap  between the layers and the top.

This dress is just sweet. Look at it! The adorable bow that completes the entire dress and it's such a cute lil thing. The pink is fairly understated since it is dispersed as a bold lace in a beautful pattern. Battenburg Lace hasn't been used so successfully off the window or dining table, in like - EVER. I really think it's a unique choice :) The black fabric underneath helps the lace to pop so you can see those pretty starbursts. I also like that it's a strap with some substance. They could have easily gone with a speghetti strap, but they didn't. Bravo! Now, if only I could afford it... 
It won't let me link, so here it is darnit!

Copious Amounts of Coveting

*Sigh* I haven't felt the need to post much lately. However, I have been collecting goodies that appeal to me to put up when I was inspired. Well, *drumroll* is that day. I don't even know how many albums I have put together with pictures of styles, looks and art work I cut out from Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Southern Living, all the magazines I go through and enjoy. This is kinda the same thing. I get these neat "Shop It To Me" emails (as I've noted before - cause it's awesome) that send all the deals that are happening an designers I like. They are always a welcome couple minutes break during a harried work day. And inevitably I find alluring items. My co-worker and I send each other what we want that day. It's always fun to see what we pick out for ourselves and even for each other. It's funny how you can get to know someone when their style helps to give you a sense of who they are. I mean, there are many variables, but talking about something you enjoy with someone else who feels the same is neat. And when it's opinon (and humorous harsh judgements - thank you GoFugYourself for all the wonderful material) about fashion and style, well shoot, grab a latte, pull up a chair and have fun.

Soooo, I don't really dig the whole "I'm an actor, I'm a singer, I'm a designer" bull. I won't go into my diatribe about where fashion has gone and the pop marketing that has pushed it in such a direction, etc... however, here's an example: Jessica Simpson. Her various lines bring in $400 million per year and her designers are pretty good at appropriating popular styles, but I am still not sold, literally, I put her brand down when I pick it up. I was totally shocked when I saw this pretty thing. Color, trim, cut, all of it comes together nicely.

Also, upon further study, her dress line is cute. Boo, I don't like being proved wrong. (I was friggin right about JLO, though.)

Nanette Lapore I have adored for years. Her structuring, retro styles, spectacular color and fabric choices - I want it all. This dress surprised me that it was hers, I like it, but it is quite contemporary, zippers as decoration, or the bubble hem for example. Yes, I know those are 80s creations, and those shoulders are totally 80s and now I guess that is retro, soooo, I feel old... Anyway, they are taking a slightly different direction as of late, some bohemian even. I'm not sure about it, but I am holding judgement, I still see stuff I like. However, I would like to see more vintage inspired stuff that worked so well.

Oh look, more BCBGeneration. But a gorgeous shirt this time. The sheer teal fabric is so pretty and the cut! holy mackrel, the bow - so 60s, the sleeves, the defined waist - it's just toooo cute!

The dress of course is another adorable short piece by BCBGeneration. The waistline detail makes the whole dress. The hemline by itself I could take or leave, but with the waist it totally works.

And onto the next grouping of fun....