Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This is the United States Calling for Mr. Floyd...

WOOOOOWWWW!!!! Wasn't the Thanksgiving vacation wonderful?! I loved not working for 4 days in a row. I think there should be at least one 4 day weekend per season. We would all be much less stressed. For Thanksgiving we spend it with the Hubby's family here in L.A. (we do New Years with my family.) The awesomest part - the Mom's still do the cooking! My mother-in-law is a tremendous cook and she is still all about hosting the holiday gatherings with all the other aunts and uncles in the kitchen helping....
This year I looked over at our cousin and smirked as we stood to the side of the kitchen - wine in hand - "when do you think they expect us to start throwing these holiday shin-digs?" He laughed, his eyes got big and said "ha, I hope it's not any time soon."
(Hubby and I host my family for New Years and cooking for 6-8 people is the largest party I've had to make food for, I'm soooo NOT ready for 35 people. Yikes! The aunt, uncles and in-laws still gots to handle that one!) Hope your vacation went well, it seems like life is only picking up speed before the holidays. I swear it was just Halloween.
I don't have much else to say except THANK YOU!!!! to those who stop in and take a minute to comment. Your comments make this whole blogging experience so much more awesome! "Silver Boots" commentors are positively amazing and so supportive! Though you are few, you make such an impact on my lil' ol' life - Thank You!!! I'm all smiley as I write this - You guys truly do kick ass!!!! 
I'm off to the Roger Waters concert - yes, I did write ROGER WATERS!!! O-M-G I am so excited! "The Wall" is one of the most phenomenal albums of all time. PINK FLOYD was always (and still is) on my life soundtrack. I can't believe I get to see one of them in concert. If David Gilmour shows up to jam, I might just drop dead right there of happiness. So if I don't ever post again, you know - David Gilmour showed up...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Drop Anchor

The early darkness makes me want to get out my painting supplies (which unfortunately, has SERIOUSLY dwindled since college) and canvases. I don't paint often and I really should. When I don't touch base with a brush and paint from time to time I find other things to do. I get so distracted by all of my sewing projects. They are easier and faster and I don't normally question my results. Painting on the other hand is my one true love that scares the crap out of me. I don't consider myself a canvas painter and I want to be so badly. I know I can, but I just need to consistently motivate myself. It takes the longest of all my crafts. I have done numerous murals and a couple of paintings for commissions and those worked out great. When it's for someone else I don't have too much of a problem, it just feels different. So, to end a long story I'm finally inspired to paint something (after I make a trip to Michael's to get some paint).
"What is it?" you ask...
Subject = my dog!
How can I go wrong?
I plan to make it through all 4 of my kids. Dogs and Cats always are fabulous subject matter. I don't know why I never thought of it before. I've drawn numerous animals, but never painted. Of course that would be the next step.
Enough about the painting stuff, what do you think of the socks?
*high pitched song voice* FAB-U-LOUS! No?
My co-workers and I went out to dinner after work one Friday and we randomly chose to go to Universal City Walk to find a restaurant. I think my friends took me there partly because they knew there was this killer sock shop that sold ONLY socks!!!! Holy Cow - How Brilliant!!! I was in heaven. It was so overwhelming the countless choices of socks and stockings, I finally landed on these suckers decorated in anchors and another short pair on clearance with skeletons on them. They will make me happy every time I pull them on my tootsies.
I'm so ready to eat a bunch of turkey and the various other Thanksgiving accoutrement's. Best part - don't have to go to work. Oh heck yes!
Thought I would would throw this into mix it up. I gotta start breaking this stuff up. I'm getting sick of looking at myself..

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

'Staches and Removable Collars

Life is kinda monotonous right now, so I put on a mustache to liven up the post. I've always loved facial hair on a man. I have a particular soft spot for mustaches. My dad has been sporting one for about 45 years. I can't imagine him any other way - literally. When I was sitting in traffic on the way home the other day I was trying to occupy myself and tried to picture my dad without his 'stache and I simply couldn't. Funny how you can associate one look with someone so much you couldn't imagine them any other way.  
For some reason I really dig green and yellow together. This short sleeved sweater was such an awesome purchase. I haven't found any sweaters I've liked half as much recently. I would love to find another, but only after the next 28 days of course.
Aren't these earrings wild? I bought them about a year ago at H&M and have only worn them once before. I thought they were kind of large and overwhelming, but I've gotten used to them and I need to add them into my winter rotation. I don't need much other adornment when I wear them, that's for sure. The bracelet - I made during my bead sewing period. I need to make a necklace of sorts, but I don't quite know yet the design. It'll come to me soon no doubt. I'm looking forward to it :) I haven't put together a complicated piece in a while and I hope it gets my creative juices flowing.
I did read this FABULOUS tutorial on how to make a removable, faux fur collar. Whoa! So excited! Colette Patterns rules! Guess what I'm doing this weekend?! I have some beautiful faux fur I purchased at Joann's Fabric on clearance for a couple of dollars eons ago. I've been saving it for the perfect project and I think I found it. YAY!
Another amazing blog is Casey's Musings (that's where I first saw the Colette Patterns tutorial). Every time I drop by for a gander at a new pattern, sewing technique or outfit she has created, I'm in AWE! She is amazingly talented. I can't stress talented enough either. She knows how to do everything there is to do within the craft of sewing, she's quite knowledgeable and she's quite lovely to look at to boot. She really seems to like what she does, the inspiration is infectious :) It's super neat. You simply must stop by if you want to be inspired (or in my case sometimes disappointed at how much I have to learn. Ha!)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Now It's My Turn

OK, so here's the deal...ever since I was a kid (in the 80s) I wanted to dress like I was a teenager or young adult of the 80s. I looked up to all the pretty girls in the TV shows we watched. I was so fascinated with the outfits of all the females. Moonlighting, Falcon Crest, Dynasty, Dallas all those good, but terrible shows, I so envied the women in all of their shimmering gowns with the undeniable style of the early to mid 80s, they were just the bees knees! After School Specials, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - don't even get me started - fashion GOLD!
Even as I grew older and grunge set in, which I whole heartedly embraced, I secretly wished I could dress like I was in high school circa 1986. So with the resurgence of the styles of the decade that I envied when I was younger is kinda neat. Especially at a time when I'm experimenting and comfortable with myself enough to do so. Needless to say I'm happy, yet totally horrified, that 80s fashion has returned. While a lot of pieces are just gross, some are nostalgic and fun. For example, this jumpsuit. Kinda hideous, right?! But I love it. :) Now I fulfill my secret fashion desires, dress like Facts of Life is still on in Primetime (Boarding School and George Clooney versions).

Confession: I have a skirt with palm leaves in orange, yellow and tan on a brown background. It reminds me so much of the helicopter the character TC used to fly on Magnum P.I. (same colors) that is it is now dubbed my Magnum P.I. skirt. *insert huge nerdy smile here*
The inseam is a bit short and the top could have about another half inch where it connects to the pant but, I still wanted it terribly so I made it so. I chuckle every time I pull it out of the closet. That's when I know I'm not going to regret my purchase, when it thoroughly entertains me. Going to the bathroom takes a bit longer however, the zipper down the back is super long. Ha! 
Next time, I want to try the pants rolled up, maybe pegged - yup, I wrote it, pegged.
I might eventually have to make a cuffs to lengthen the pants, but I need to find a similar or complimentary color fabric. Who knows how long that's gonna take...(well I can guarantee at least 29 more days - remember no buying stuff for me for 30 days as of yesterday...)
I hope my day at work goes quickly tomorrow. I'm looking forward to the weekend because that means we're that much closer to relaxin' :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Totally Tucker'd Out

The Tucker for Target line didn't really impress me all that much. I totally dig bold and simple prints, but I couldn't really get on board with the line overall. There was a pretty blouse with a tie at the neck, but I didn't want to pay full price for it. I, obviously, liked this dress but I wasn't sold on the style. After it had been out for a while  I saw that Kyla from Blue Collar Catwalk had purchased it. She looked pretty darn cute and that did it. She stylishly paired it with some high black boots and tights. I guess all I needed to see was for it to be accessorized correctly. Thanks Kyla, Target should give you a commission!
The key to this dress is to let it speak for itself and to not overdo it, so here we are :)
I kinda want to try it with the ruffle in front next time. I wonder how that's gonna work out?
Rock Star moment
I don't have much to report except that I purchased some new Dolce Vita pumps when impromptu shopping in Santa Monica with my girlfriend. They are amazing and the perfect BRIGHT fuchsia and they make my legs look awesome :) This has lead me to make my current resolve: No shopping for me for 30 days. I'm not doing a remix, just trying to get my gluttony in check, as well as my pocket book. It's moved way past ridiculous and I've got to stop. So that's it, cold turkey - break the habit like pulling a band aid.
 I am getting my hair recolored on Saturday, but I'm not putting that in the category as buying stuff for me, it's just friggin necessary, my roots are about 1cm and growing. That is too much for me. Even though most people can't see the top of my head when I'm standing I do need to sit at some point and the roots are something I simply must remedy.  
I had to include this pic 'cause I think it makes me look like an elf. The holiday is right around the corner -very apt yes?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

870 Miles Later - I'm Back Where I Started

Sweet LA - it feels good to be home. I had a nice, long and eventful weekend traveling from Southern California to Northern California. My 'Stang is tired (and so is my behind from all the driving). It (the car, not my rear) did very well on it's first trip to the ocean. It's just strange it happened to be a Central California ocean rather than the beach that is 30min away from me. The whole trip was a bit of a whirlwind, seeing friends and getting in family time keeps me super busy every time I'm up there. I barely had a minute to breathe, but it was fun.  
I have some pics, not a plethora, but a few I will put up from our jaunt to San Francisco from Santa Cruz. My parents took my sister and I to The Impressionists Exhibit at the De Young museum. As an Art History major, it's always extremely exciting for me to see the original paintings/art work that I studied so furiously for 4.5 years. (I still have yet to take my romanticized and coffee filled European excursion to see all the great masters I've studied in college.)  Expanding my cultural horizon is always something I dig, especially when it has to do with art. But enough of that, onto the ensemble....
Simple and totally comfy was my goal and I pretty much achieved it. My hip was killing me so a heeled shoe was out of the question, onto the saddles - so inviting, just like slippers :) I do think I could wear them everyday, if I didn't mind overdoing the school-girl look (which I do too much of as it is.)
I had to leave work a little early to make it to a Physical Therapy appt. so I was able to grab some pictures while the sun was still in the sky. I'm a bit sad I don't have to hurry home for the next couple of months to catch the daily dying light. On the brighter side - I get to layer up and dress for the cold!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Where There Is A Parade - I Shall Lead It...

Well the mood has brightened as has my jacket choice. My version of military style kinda turned into Majorette (possible parade leader) or band member. Adam Ant, Sergeant Pepper - they would totally approve.
I found this jacket at Salvation army with only the white piping. The Asian design was a bit 90s, but at $2 I knew I could work with it. I  added some gold stripes and big 'ol gold buttons and here we are. I like it. It's a bit wild, but shoot, so am I :)
Life has totally blown up the past week or so. I have been super busy. I have so much planned over the next couple of days, posting is not quite at the top of my list. I have a nice little stock pile of ensemble pics though. :) I just have to get to them.
Do you like the boots? I DO! I found them at Ross. I needed them like I needed a hole in the head, but you know the drill.
They are super comfortable leather, a bit pricey for Ross at $50, luckily I can wear them all day and then some - Crazy Fabulous! I never really envisioned myself buying such a stubby little boot. I have been turned recently by how many girls are totally rocking them. Far be it from me to deny myself the potential to rock a pair of boots. HA! They aren't the most flattering with these patterned stockings so I've tried them with other opaque tights and they're the ticket.
Here's a little dance to invoke a great weekend to all! Hope it comes fast.