Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today I'll Try the Top Down - That Should Help....

I'm not in the best of moods today :( It's cold and wet so my hip hurts and at this time of the month it hurts even MORE! Lame. So instead of attempting and failing at sounding like I usually do, which would be a bit transparent - I will keep it short and cute - cause I really like this outfit. I felt hip, playful and comfy, or otherwise normal, all day, annnnnnnddddd everyone loved my shoes with the black tights. *proud smile*
This jumper just plain rocks. I look forward to sporting it with long sleeves when winter rolls around. The tweed is too heavy for warmer weather so I have approx. 4 months (LA fall/winter) to get some use outta this sucker.
I'm writing with a purple pen today instead of a blue or black to pick up my mood. It's helping a little bit. There's something slightly exciting about using a new color pen. Gotta celebrate the little stuff here people :) If it had sparkles in it, my mood would probably been better. HA!
I'm gonna drive with the top down in the Pink Warrior today. A little wind through my hair could only do me some good :)
Wednesday come on your way. I can't possibly handle Tuesday being here to stay. It simply won't let me play, but as for Tomorrow, it's a brand new day!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I had a strangely eventful weekend. I didn't really do all that much, but we did buy a car. Um yeah, a car. My 2005 Mustang was awesome. At the time I purchased it, I couldn't afford any bells and whistles, but I sure loved it anyway. I took it in on Friday evening after work to get some maintenance done and my hubby went to look at used Mustangs while he was waiting for me to finish up with a service dude so we could go pick up dinner (I had to leave the car overnight). Huge mistake! They had just brought out a 2008 Convertible Mustang fully loaded with the *Pink Warrior* package and check this - 3,600 MILES!!!! Say what?! Oh you heard that right! Never would we consider it, but barely ANY miles and it was all I wanted to start with, but better - so it was really something we had to consider. After a couple hours of haggling, I drove out of there with a fabulous - new to me, Mustang.
The *Pink Warrior* Mustang was part of the Ford Warriors in Pink Fight Against Breast Cancer Campaign. It has big pink stripes on sides, pink seams in the black interior and a Mustang on a Pink Ribbon emblem on the side. It's totally insane, but it's all mine! Yay!
Back to the clothes...This dress is great 'cause it was about $2.40 at the Salvation Army. The seams were pulled apart on every side and the hem was falling out, but that was nothing my amazing, new sewing machine couldn't handle in like, 5 seconds (so frickin' awesome!) This dress was made in the 70s, so I wonder how the person before me wore it. It's just a curious style. But anyhoodle, I like how this belt looks with it as it was what I had in mind when I grabbed it. I'm not really sure how else I'm going to wear it though. I'll have to brainstorm. Suggestions are welcome.
*oops - I made the earrings and necklace - not bracelet :)*
Onward to Monday! Hope your week is great and you see rainbows after every time it rains :) I know I'll be on the lookout!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Channeling Terra ~

Vogue pose
Oh yay! I have found a good natural waisted skirt. I've had my eyes peeled for a while, but what I wanted and what I could afford didn't quite meet, thus I've been without. I didn't believe in stifling my gluttony so the search continued and ended at Victoria's Secret online. I've shopped in the past, but in the last few not so much. I've been so lucky *read: determined* in finding stuff in stores or online to use in my wardrobe that I haven't found the need to even look on their website. But like I said - determined.
$39.95 later I have this pretty skirt that fits me quite well. Challenge complete. (It is unfortunate that this is still on my "I want like a small child in a candy store" list. I will never get it however, I refuse to pay international shipping on it. Aaaannndddd I gotta focus on what I have for chrissakes.)
So, how do you like these shoes? FABULOUS! *high pitched song voice* I haven't been to Crossroads in years, but my co-worker and I couldn't do Wasteland or UO again for our Friday lunch so we went a little further down the road to Crossroads Trading. I don't really have too much luck there, hence my hiatus from shopping where the roads um- cross. (Sorry, I'm lame, I couldn't help it.) This trip was fruitful however, in the form of these pretty red heels. Tyler by Richard Tyler and they were worn maybe, like, twice. No scuffs on these pretty leather bottoms!
I wanted red shoes and $22 later I have 'em.
This outfit totally reminds me of an outfit Terra from "Stylish White Female", thus - I'm Channeling Terra~ She totally rocks fabulous tights and beautiful heels all the time and looks sooooo good doing it. She's my favorite pocket-sized, chic sophisticate. Super stylish indeed!
Note: most people are pocket-sized next to me
The night sky was so lovely when I was taking these pictures. The blue was so vivid and the clouds added such a neat effect. The chill was just setting in and there was a break in the rain - just perfect :)
Lastly, Friday - Is that you? I hear you knocking, come on in! ;)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Polka Dot Marilyn Monroe OR "Twister" Mat?

Halloween is just around the corner. YAY! It's become my favorite holiday, surpassing Christmas the past couple of years. It helps that we have some place to go to celebrate with our friends and admire costumes though. Our friends have a yearly celebration which they kind of go all out for. It's always a good time. I do feel like I have to do my costume best. This year my husband and I are going to be comic book characters. Last year was "priest & possessed nun", the year before that "viking & Valkyrie". We've tried to keep up the couples costumes for the past couple of years so this year - surprise - couples costume. I'll put up some pics after the fact if I'm not too embarrassed :)
Back to the clothing - My mom and sister are totally getting my groove now, they thrift when it's time to get me presents. Isn't that great! I don't have to worry about them spending too much money on gifts.
My mom thrifted this  dress for me for my 30th. It's a nice classic cut and when worn with a slip works perfectly. It was about 2 sizes too big, but I recently purchased a new super-fantastic, amazing sewing machine and sewed up an inch off each side in no time (no slipping or missed stitches either!!) then I had a perfectly sized dress. Right On!

The dots are a bit large though, it reminds me of a "Twister" mat, or at worst the "Twister" costume dress:

But I think I can get past it :)

The purse is cute right?! I found it at the Studio City WasteLand. Darn good condition too. It is such a "mom" purse. Every mom had one of these when I was a kid or some kind of Dooney & Bourke purse. I really never thought I would be stoked to have one - I am though *shame tinged writing voice*  I guess I am slowly becoming my mother so here we go...It's a great size to carry all I need most of the time and it goes across my body when I'm shopping. Well, how practical - so there. ;)
Hope your week goes well. I almost feel like I'm ready for the weekend, almost...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Two Trends That Don't Blend(s) - HA!

Lace and clogs - yikes, not the best combo.
Mental note: Just cause you purchased them in the store at the same time does NOT mean you have to wear them at the same time.
I admit, this was a heinous shoe choice for this ensemble. At least they got broken in :)
The resurgence of some of these lace styles screams 90s to me, but I also think lace is super classic so I like it in theory, it just depends on how its designed. I try to stay away from the lace with 90s implications.
The line at Kohl's was wrapped around down one of their main hallways, but I stood in it because I really liked this sweater (30% off and I had a $10 gift card and additional 15% off savings pass - DEAL!) The color is soft, the style is classic and the lace is feminine and I like the texture combination. The ribbed bottom is always a challenge for me. I think it accentuates my belly, but I think this would be cute tucked into a high waisted skirt, which I have just happened to acquire this last week. Guess what combination may pop up on here soon...
The clogs may have been a mistake all around - I'm not sure yet. They were $15 on clearance - so I need to at least wear them enough to get that value from them. I must continue to try and incorporate them, maybe a 70s vibe will work? Not sure.
I painted my nails, which is mildly exciting for me. I avoid nail polish just because it only lasts like 24hours on me then starts to chip, but I love the way it looks. In a moment of stubbornness, I bought this teal from Target "Nicole" brand by OPI - It's GREAT!! I haven't been crafting much, but I haven't been easy on it and it's really lasted. Even the couple of touch-ups for the tips I did, did not chip then either. I highly recommend it.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Confession: I'm Totally Addicted

Oops, I have added to my shoe family. Part of my closet family is angry as they haven't seen sunlight in a bit, while I'm still collecting more sisters for them. The neglected ones may have to leave my care to be adopted from the Salvation Army by some loving parent soon.
How can I give up any of my beautiful family?!
I'm forever running out of space and I'm a fickle guardian. So there.

Jump "Bounce" Pump from Nordstrom.com $68.50
(free shipping on shoes right now)
I'm going through a phase where I'm buying expensive shoes on sale and then wearing the crap out of them. That leaves some of the shoes I used to suffer to wear, not really all that appealing anymore. Why spend the day cringing due to the new blister? Life is too short.
I saw these booties a little while back when they were first on sale. They were in turquoise and eye-catchingly adorable, (maybe even a bit loud for me - that's saying a lot right?) but pricey for a turquoise shoe that is such a statement color. I went with the black - sensible, yet available (turquoise was not). So we'll see if Jump is a new shoe brand for me to keep an eye on. The largest selling points on these babies is the free shipping and in store returns on any items purchased on the website. - Gotta love Nordies! 

(Endless and Piperlime are carrying them)
I also purchased these on my first trip to Loehmann's last Friday. They are really high for me, but surprisingly not ridiculously uncomfortable. They are weekend shoes so far. I have to get the shoe inserts going and then I think they will make more appearances.
I was totally unimpressed with the Loehmann's I went to. I had never been and since I was such a shopper, my co-worked suggested I go there... It had the strangest vibe and the shoe dept. was weird, too. A bit sparse with a strange selection. (There were the cutest pair of Coach boots calling my name, the only pair left in my size! I plugged my ears and I totally resisted. That's right - kept on walking, didn't even try them on to torture myself - YAY ME!!!)
Now, for the rest of the month (and ALL of November really) I need to repeat the mantra - "You don't need anymore shoes - give attention to the ones you have!" Logical, sensible - god I hope I can do it! :)
'Cause admittedly, this is getting ridiculous!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Orange Wall Looks Distressed - I Don't Mean Emotionally

My husband took these pics. Didn't he do good? We were walking out of the mall and into the parking structure and I saw this wall. I whipped out the camera and shoved it into his hands. I Love, love, love that color orange, couldn't pass up a pic in front of it. Even though it was a "distressed" (using some HGTV DIY references here folks) background, it turned out nice.
Anyway, these sailor slacks are so cute, but I wish they weren't denim. I can only wear them to work on Fridays and they are a bit long for flats (I don't wear heels on Friday) thus, I don't get to wear them M-F
:( But they are still awesome.
I guess this post is going to be all about my husband 'cause he also bought me that beautiful green amethyst, silver ring, in the above pic, for our 4 year anniversary. He knows I LOVE my accessories!
The Coach bag was a gift from my hubby for my 30th. He was so cute in how this all came about. Why? Let me tell you...
Short story: We went to Lake Arrowhead for my birthday weekend. They have a little shopping area with a couple of outlets, Coach being one of them. More than a couple of times, he suggested we go there to look around and I agreed knowing this hopeful suggestion was so unnecessary - like that was an option, not perusing the Coach outlet store! But I played along :) As I was looking around he whispered in my ear, "Pick out which ever one you want Birthday Girl." Geeeeeezzzz, I mean, how cute is that?! Transparent, but a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e !!!
And that is how I acquired my fabulous pistachio leather Coach purse. Since then, you can't pry it from my hands :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blazers & Boots

Versatile Blazer  can also be used as an umbrella
Yesterday the rain stuck around, but I didn't feel it was a tights rainy day. The knee high boots have been brought back out for fall/winter. I LOVE MY BOOTS!! I have about 9 pairs of calf/knee height boots. (See, I wasn't kidding.) I have heeled ones and flat ones and either way, they are a total pain to store in my closet. They are in clear plastic bins on my top shelf and they have been calling to me for weeks. This week, obviously I answered that they could come out and play... These suckers can be worn over the knee or a'la pirate style like I'm sporting here. The absolute best part? These only set me back 79$ at the end of spring. Talk about the benefits of patience - something I have very little of most of the time :)
I also decided to sign up for this whole men's blazer situation. I think its such a classy look. I especially like it when it's paired with something decidedly feminine. I think it dressed up this kinda blah outfit.
The killer part of this purchase was the price - $5.60! The Salvation Army comes to the rescue again. I wanted to make sure I actually bought a guys jacket 'cause I wanted it to look a bit over sized and knew there was no way I was going to find something affordable at a dept. store. I'm a big kid so men's clothes are pretty easy for me to find at the thrift store luckily, but I wasn't sure if I could find the right color etc...this was the last one I found on the rack. I had almost given up for the week - but the thrifting gnomes were smiling on me this day my friends...
Once I tried it on I laughed out loud. Whomever owned it before was a dude approx. my size with VERY short arms. We're talking Tyrannosaurus Rex arms here people! The ends of the sleeves were like 4.5 inches from my wrists. LOL Good thing I wanted to keep the arms rolled up anyway. Upon further perusal however, they sleeves were hemmed simply and all I had to do was remove the stitches. Wah Lah! ~ Perfect blazer
See, it's even fully lined! Awesome...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rain? You Say? - I'll Grab My Hat, It Is Fall After All

 Not much to say today except that I’m super stoked the fall and winter weather is rolling in. This is sooooo crazy though. Last week I was complaining about the hottest day in L.A.! Not so much anymore. It officially looks like fall AND there was frost on my windshield when I walked out to my car this morning.
Rain = Hat time
(kooky ensemble optional)

Let's be honest, this is a bit kooky for me. But, that is one of my middle names (along with others like "Danger").
Soapbox moment:

When it does start getting colder around here I think of all the homeless animals and how they are faring. I’m an animal advocate and network rescue emails per day. I really don’t do much, but just enough to keep abreast of the issues our animal society is facing today. With people losing homes and moving into rentals, most don’t allow animals – thus these animals are brought to the pound in hopes they find homes. The truth is, most don’t. The financial fallout our country is experiencing impact effects EVERYTHING! "They" say it's getting better, but the shelters are still overflowing. Please spay and neuter your pets and more importantly ADOPT A PET! They will be forever grateful and thank you each day like all my 4 rescues do. They are a good amount of responsibility, but worth every moment.

PS: thanks for your comments Tessa – they cracked me up J