Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm Glad She's Not Naked Here -

 sweater: Nordstrom Rack; tank: GAP; shorts: H&M; tights: Assets via; boots: Steve Madden Ottowa; jewelry: I made
Where did the weekend go? I was really digging that three day weekend stuff… Why can’t Presidential birthdays be EVERY Monday? I gave my alarm the stink eye this morning, but it just kept beeping. When is it going to learn that I am in control – I’m the one who sets it everyday so it needs to pay attention to what I want! But it throws that in my face like a petulant child …maybe I should just get a Rooster. I’m far more patient with animals and it’s more difficult to smack them for an extra 10 minutes of sleep.
This pic shows a good example of how crappy my grow out looks if I put my hair in the half up-half down scenario. YIKES! Calling my salon now...
I don’t have much to say today except that GAP is entirely too full of itself…This tank was regularly $59.50. Yeah, that’s right, almost $60 for an ill fitting tank top. Don’t they use child labor? (I know- not funny.) Why is everything so expensive?! I purchased it on sale when I met my girlfriend in Ventura about a month ago. The sale was $21 = still too much. I liked the collar quite a bit though so I went straight to the register with it. I hemmed and hawed if I should keep it when I got it home, but the floppy collar didn’t want to leave my side. So I decided to indulge it and it's droopy counterpart - the bow…
My cute lil Ruby wanted to get in on the outfit shots. She's such a girl. I'm glad she's not naked here. A couple minutes before she was sans collar (doggy baths) and that would have just been inappropriate.

I have some painting and mailing to do tonight. It feels good to have something to do when I get home from work this week that am I looking forward to, I hope I’m still feeling this inspired after my hour long drive (17.7 miles) home from work through L.A. traffic…

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Monkey Puzzles Are Dangerous

On Sunday, it was such a clear and beautiful day and we were bored so we made our way over to a local nursery. We just wanted to walk around and check stuff out and drool over what we can't have. (High quality plants are REALLY expensive.) It was pretty frickin cold, but we had a nice time. A little bit of time together outside of the house is always welcomed.
The thing that made me happiest - the family of metal Giraffes. I want them for my yard! If I had the money I would make a huge winding garden with statues/sculptures of animals everywhere. That would be super awesome, a little creepy - Alice in Wonderland style creepy, but awesome!
Sometimes creepy is OK for decor, however I prefer creepy outdoors as opposed to indoors.
dress: Luca via UO; tights: assets via; boots: Steve Madden store; jacket: GAP

I purchased these boots at the Steve Madden clearance this last weekend. There was an extra 50% off of clearance shoes online and I found some stuff I liked. Since it was clearance, everything was non-returnable so I couldn't order anything due to their weird sizing. I own size 9s to 11s in this brand which is kinda nuts. I opted to visit the store instead to see if their great sale happening there too - it was! These weren't even on the website and I totally fell for them. Weeeeeee, lil booties that I'm gonna try to wear year round - oh the fun I'll have...
Here's a lil taste of nature for your Thursday :
Monkey Puzzle Tree - this thing was lethal. The leaves are as sharp as they look.
Pretty butterfly leaves.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Should I Get My Hair Done or Get Groceries?...

Here’s my financial conundrum…I’ve needed to get my hair trimmed and recolored for the past couple of weeks – like 4. My hair dos have been so limited cause I’m trying to either hide my split ends or I’m trying to minimize the appearance of my roots, or on a bad day – both. Sooooo, why have I been putting it off you ask?...’Cause it’s gonna be like $150 to have said fixes done!!!! I hate having to spend so much on my hair to maintain it. Granted I need a trim which isn’t normally on the “to do” list, but that is only a small fraction of the total. We’ve had a gazillion expensive necessities come up as of late that has been preventing me from even considering spending this amount on the Do. I know many women spend this on their hair on a regular basis just as the necessary evil of looking fabulous, but I’ve always HATED spending so much at the salon. I’ve had a great cut for $25 and the same quality cut for $45 at different places so I always remember that $25 bargain.
I could do it myself, but I really can’t go back to box dye right now. It was just short of $300 to get my color corrected the first time I went in since I had about 6 different box colors going on. I needed to get to a more work appropriate set of colors.
Really, this could be a worse problem to have, its just I know this stylist can do what I want and I don’t want to waste my moolah somewhere else to potentially get something I don’t like. (But I could find another cheaper stylist by doing these stylist trials – double edged sword = lame)
dress: Blu Sage via Salvation Army; tights: Target; sweater: Out of Time via Kohl's; boots: Zigi Soho Tellie via DSW; earrings: Robert Rose via Macy's; bracelet: Tarina Tarantino via Gilt
On the outfit front, I found this dress at the Salvation Army on half price day. Friggin Yay!!! $2 and it reminded me of a garden style dress I saw last summer at Modcloth. I like all the flowers, it’s a total mood brightener. The tights are the perfect color to continue the fun down to my ankles. Ever heard of the brand Blu Sage? Me neither, however I've found 2 awesome dresses (the one in this post and this one) by that brand at the Salvation Army and haven't seen it anywhere else. Whomever is getting rid of them in the West Valley of Los Angeles keep it up - I'm reaping the rewards!!
Well, onto the rest of the day. I’m looking forward to hanging out with my husband and my menagerie of animals tonight and watching Criminal Minds…my nickname is “Garcia” at work.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If I Had Gone, I Mighta Looked Like This:

 Yuk, being sick makes me lose so much time :( I meant for this post to be posted and more relevant last week, but I got hit with sickness. Day late and dollar short is my life story…

So my company hosted the Grammys and there is always some potential for tickets to matriculate. I’m never in the running for this kind of stuff, but I thought I would make it a little fun… If I received a Grammy ticket last minute, what would I wear? No shopping, no nothing but, running to my closet and chosing from there. These are what I came up with:

Maggie London via Nordstrom Rack
heels: Bobbi Blu; necklace: Nordstrom Rack; purse: vintage

It’s comfortable, the color is pretty and the cut works on my body. A classic look with minimal accessories.
Bonus: The bubble skirt has pockets!
BCBG via Nordstrom Rack
heels: DSW (forgot brand); tights: Bare Assets via; coat & jewelry: H&M; purse: vintage

The color is subtle and the sequins and beads at the neckline are a pretty bit of bling.
It used to be about 3 bands longer and I opted to removed those and make the dress sassier. ( I can't really bend over though, I would have to make sure I never dropped anything...)
Bonus: No undergarments necessary!
JS Collection via It’s A Wrap

heels: Dolce Vita via Dolce Vita store; tights: Bare Assets via; belt & jewelry: H&M; purse: vintage

A slightly more casual look with a pop of fuchsia - this particular dress fits poorly without a belt of some sort so the black glitter belt adds a lil sumthin sumthin as well as function.
I also removed a couple of shutters on the length to make it more to my liking.
Bonus: No undergarments necessary.

I really don’t know what combination I would chose. It was just fun to play dress up in dresses I haven’t touched in a while J

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Piece de Resistance of Valentine Inspired ensembles - A full pastel pink dress! Valentine's Day supreme.
I've had this dress hanging in my closet for about a year now. I purchased it on huge sale on They have hands down the best prices on Stop Staring dresses. I love the style of Stop Staring dresses, but they are pretty darned expensive for the fabric used. On sale at DaddyOs they are actually affordable and worth it. I drool endlessly at all of the designed on their website (Stop Staring & Daddy Os). Killer eye candy!
The sizing is kinda strange however, this particular one is an extra large and its pretty darned snug. Indeed I'm about 5lbs. over where I should be right now but, it fits snug when I'm my normal size too. All the other extra larges I have in this brand fit differently so I shouldn't be too surprised.
Anyhoodle - they go up to three x so there is sizing for most of us :)
On a side note, I need to take up the hem about an inch and a half when I get some time. I think it would be way more attractive for my legs...
I hope everyone has a great V-day. I'm gonna start watching the dog show and eat a tasty dinner of "pick up" from one of our favorite restaurants.
dress: Stop Staring via; Paris Bootie: Jeffrey Campbell via Nordstrom; jewelry: I made
Coming up this week on I Borrowed Your Silver Boots - What I could have worn if I went to the Grammys..........(pulled some stuff out from the back of the closet for this one!)

Valentine Inspired 4

Only one more Valentine Inspired outfit after this sucker...This skirt without tights is definitely on the short side, good thing this was my hang out with my husband and do an errand weekend outfit. I realized for my little Valentine's Day challenge I hadn't styled this skirt. It's definitely pink enough....
blouse: In Vain via Kohl's; skirt: Silence & Noise via UO; boots: Payless; floral headband: I made
I picked up these boots at Payless the other day. $16 and I couldn't go wrong, they are the exact heel height I was looking for as well as the color. The only thing they are missing is a bit of a slouch, which I may just end up doing. I need to rummage around in my sewing kit to see if I have a matching brown thread to create the slouch from the inside anchoring the seams together about an inch apart. If it doesn't work so be it. At least I tried :)
Totally ready for a Hoe Down...

Check back in a bit for my last Valentine's Day inspired ensemble :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Inspired 3

5pm today will not come soon enough. I am so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow...and hopefully not much else. I love when I don't have a list of plans as long as my arm for the weekend. I hope to get some boring stuff done around the house. Maybe refinish some furniture that I meant to refinish before Christmas. I don't know. Last week I surprised myself by washing my car. I even got down and did the rims with their own special little brush. My body was so sore by the time I was done with the fourth wheel, a wax was not in the cards, but I did manage to ArmorAll everything. It's shiny now!
I didn't really consider the washing issue when we bought the convertible. I can't go through car washes anymore :( Not that that is the best way to wash your car, but convenient indeed... So the moral is, my car will never be very clean. LOL
Are you celebrating Valentine's Day this weekend? We opted to not go out on Monday since Valentine's Day nights are ALWAYS crazy anywhere you go around here. We're gonna do drinks and appetizers at the Cheesecake Factory (the "Well Mannered Martini" is my favorite drink there and the blue cheese olives are to die for!) on Saturday night - to hopefully avoid the crowds. I get to dress up a bit so that's good. I have a Stop Staring pink with white swiss dot dress I've been saving for the occasion. That is going to be my Valentine Inspired 4 or 5, I haven't decided yet...
I don't consider this outfit quite as fun as yesterday's, but I was pretty comfortable all day. I did hit the festive mark I was aiming for. I didn't really stray too far from the red section of the color wheel. I've done this dress and these tights before, but not with the red accents. Notice the flats - yay me! They really are so much better for my tootsies, but I always feel a little more dressed down in them. There is something about a heel that looks infinitely more formal.
dress: BCBGeneration via; sweater: Fever via Costco; tights: Bare Assets via; flats: Payless
Have a fabulous weekend and keep your eyes open for Valentine Inspired 4 :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine Inspired 2

Today was a celebrate pink day for this little Valentine challenge of mine. Green and pink together = awesome. When I unfolded this sweater as I was getting my ensemble really, I realized I wear the crap outta this thing! I love that the cherries are pink rather than red and the polka dots are green not black - just a bit unexpected and I dig it A LOT. I always seem to take pictures of it in my garden.
(It's a sad garden right now, we should start planting soon since the temperatures don't appear to be getting any cooler.) 
dress: Soprano via Nordstrom Rack; socks: Target; sweater, necklace, bangles: H&M; belt: Kohl's; hair clip: I made (craft supplies from Michael's)
Perfect opportunity for my fuchsia heels right?!
No, they aren't flats, but they are fabulous. So I went for the "fashion is pain" category today, obviously.
don't i look happy to have completed day 2? lol
Tomorrow's post is a red celebration so come on back to weigh in :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine Inspired 1

I've been inspired by the Valentine's Day holiday coming up. I love me some pink and red together. It clashes so well :)
I've challenged myself with a little test this week. What is this test you may ask?
To wear something that celebrates red or pink in some way.
I've been feeling in a bit of a rut when I look in my closet lately. The Blogger Blazer day gave me a good direction for at least one day this week so I decided to give myself some parameters for the rest of the week. So far all is well, the inspiration is not hard to find.
This skirt used to be part of a button up, short sleeved dress. Even in an extra large (thanks for carrying larger sizes in Juniors Ross) it never really fit right. The "boobage" (to quote one of my favorite commenters Tessa) didn't really fit right, always a bit snug and short through the torso. I was cleaning out my closet one day and had it in the "get rid of" pile. I stared at it for a bit reticent to let it go since I loved the skirt of the dress so much. That was why I bought it in the first place (that and it was like $10). I cut off the top, fashioned some belt loops out of the discarded top fabric, a little hem at the top and I was done. The only problem? I didn't really consider salvaging the zipper on the side so when I was done, I had a skirt that has to go on over my head. LOL Whatever works, right?
And look at these babies! I love the buy one, get one 1/2 off sale at Payless. It's such a great value. I found two pairs of flats and only spent $18 pre tax. Even the hubby approved of the purchase. He came to the store with me to approve the styles (only because he was bored of playing video games, but it was still nice to have him approve of something I'm purchasing.)
I'm making an effort to wear flats lately. My hip has been killing me and flats are really the best thing. I have so many boots, a little slip on was what I was missing...
skirt: made from old dress; sweater: Elle via Kohl's; belt: from an old dress; tights: Betsy Johson via TJ Maxx (these tights don't last very long unfortunately); flats: Payless
Until tomorrow...

*gosh darnit-all that I didn't get a before picture of the dress before I turned it into a skirt. I'm terrible at planning this stuff...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Participate

 blazer: Salvation Army; top: H&M; skirt: Express; boots: Trotta&Pagano via; jewelry: I made
So today I decided to participate in the Everybody, Everywear's Blazer day. I like the little challenges they have. They kinda bring me out of my normal pattern. For example, I wouldn't have included a blazer with this outfit, but I'm glad I did. It adds a little sumthin' sumthin'. I also decided to skip over my traditional navy pinstriped blazer for this 80s (waiter) style blazer. I think I've posted this blazer once before and it reminded me of a Caterer's uniform. It still does, but not as much when mixed with different colors other than black.

My last post stated the Steelers would probably win the Superbowl... Well am I ever glad I was wrong?! It was actually a pretty darn good game and I watched the majority of it between conversing and eating. The appetizers did NOT disappoint. I think I may still be on salt overload. The 7 layer dip was my favorite as usual though.
Did you notice how clear the pics were today? We got a new SLR!! Its awesome and a bit complex to learn all the functions on it. I definitely think a camera class would be beneficial, but for now it's us and the instruction manual - which is surprisingly easy to follow. Have a fantastic day to all and here's to a fast rest of the week!