Friday, July 30, 2010

It's About That Time

VACATION!!!! I have been prepping all week to get away from the regular day to day. I couldn't be more excited about not going to work for a whole week. I have lots of goodies planned. Driving up to Santa Cruz is first on the list, I'm hoping that drive goes fast - with no traffic preferably.

So I'm signing off for a bit, but I thought I would leave some Fabulous eye-candy to oggle. I want all that is seen here: (I mean Come On! Aren't these pieces Heaven? A girl can dream.)

Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Friday, July 23, 2010

Abeo - I do not know what you mean, but you're beautiful!

Hello - I would like to introduce you to my newest babies... My Lucky Brand sandals 'Abeo'. (Nope, can't stop buying shoes - so don't ask.) I LOVE them. They make me about 6'2" and anything making my legs look longer is a good thing. I think these are the "hippest" pair pf shoes I've purchased in a while. They really aren't reminiscent of the 70s at all for a clog, which is fairly out of character for me. Regardless, I coveted these for some time prior to purchase. I waited for sales and then when they weren't on sale enough, I went scouring for coupons. I found one! $40 off the original price, $80 was still A LOT, but I kept thinking about them. I'm such a glutton. Aren't they beautiful?! I sleep with them...
And look at the cute little pull on the zipper. Apparently they are supposed to bring 'Peace' to my feet.
Obnoxiously, they are now on sale on for $60. I would have loved to have that extra $20 - maybe to go towards those damned Jeffrey Campbell's I just ordered. But cst la vie, I pay the price, literally, to get them in my hands sooner than was truly necessary.
wonder woman pose
Tooling around the Internet I found an inspirational closet. (No way will anything I put together would look as wonderful that, but a girl can dream.) My hubby is in Vegas this weekend, little does he know what I am doing to occupy myself...I will be reorganizing our closet. Insert evil laugh  *heheheheheheh* I may even move some of his goodies elsewhere - he won't miss 'em. Besides, my shoes are outta control and he's in friggin' Las Vegas. So there.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Band Aid has been pulled...

Today I did it. I pulled the Jeffrey Campbell band aid. The ‘Splendid’ clogs in black suede are on their way.

I’ve been hearing about this dude since I started reading blogs. Seriously, every blog I read that isn’t vintage based has done a post about this designer, either they have bought numerous pairs or drool over his designs. I’ve been very resistant to really like something I see of his just due to his sheer popularity. Once I thought about it, he’s a rich man’s Steve Madden “the king of copies”. No one’s intellectual property is out of reach for SM to appropriate and I see that in Jeffrey Campbell’s designs as well, but on a more reserved level (he doesn’t appear to come out with 250 designs per year like SM though.) Since we all know I have a gazillion Steve Madden shoes, it was hypocritical of me to dismiss JC due to his popularity. I do like quite a few of the designs I see in Urban Outfitters.
The first pair I really dug was the ‘Splendid’ clog, that pretty much everyone has (the gold studs and wood bottom – soo cute!), but I couldn’t justify the price tag when they weren’t all that unique. 120 bones is not really an amount I can easily explain away, 60 on the other hand - that I can do, not easily, but still doable.

So here I am, discussing at length, my new clog purchase from Nordstrom from the Jeffrey Campbell section. (Also, if you are budgeting stringently, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go anywhere near Nordstrom’s massive annual clearance, you will become seriously poor. Just a warning…)
I forced myself to do what Kyla from Blue Collar Catwalk calls ‘the pillow test’. Sleep on it and if you still want ‘em/can justify their purchase – go for it. Either that or kick yourself when you buy them and never wear them, or kick yourself when you don’t buy them, but can’t keep them out of you cranium closet – the place where all regretted unpurchased items go to die.
I wait with baited breathe until their arrival….to see if JC really is all that!

If he is, these gorgeous foot holders might be on the list next:

Note: the first time I saw someone abbreviate for Jeffrey Campbell JC, I thought they were referencing Jesus Christ. I thought for a moment, “these fashion people are really spiritual.” LOL

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Computer Woes

So my computer is down at work- the dreaded blue screen- and I'm on a guest computer with none of the programs I need...Booo! To a normal person, that might be a cool way to procrastinate my morning duties, but I hate it. I have at least 5 solid hours of work ahead of me before I break for lunch. I'm a robot, I must get through it all or at least to a good stopping point so I can relax at lunch. But that may not be happening today. Oh well, not everyday can be what I want it.
On a brighter note, I love this tree, it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland trees.
This is the other UO skirt that I bought for 10 bones. Pink and teal skirts of the same style? Crazy you say - maybe, but just look at the cut. A bit on the short side, but still totally wearable for work. Not on a "feeling fat" day though. I find that the teal is much easier to combine with various items in my wardrobe. It's such a fun kick of color. I added the green belt to match the green in the print of my platforms. These suckers are soo comfortable, bravo Two Lips! Way to pad the ball of the shoe! I can wear these for 10 hours and still have a smile on my face. I also like the way they make my legs look :) always a bonus!
Looks like my computer is back up, off to work~

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Appears to Be Here to Stay

The heat outside is oppressive - must be a valley summer! Thank god my work building is nicely air conditioned. I really only have to worry about my walk to and from the car. (Sometimes I have to question if I want to leave the building at lunch - go out into the world. We have a cafeteria in the center I work in. No need to ever leave. Purposefully designed? I think so.) Usually by Friday, the call of Urban Outfitters becomes quite loud and very difficult to ignore. My favorite is their 50% off all sale items. Holy Moses! Best EVER! I high-tail it out for lunch to participate in some retail therapy, even if it's as hot as the sun outside.
Side note: A sweater took part in this ensemble at work, but for these pictures, I almost melted, hence sans work appropriate shoulder cover.
UO had nothing to do with these adorable over the knee socks, only Target. The blue velvet bows are sooo cute. A bit over the top and a bit much, but shoot they set off the blue in that is mixed with the brown so well. $3 on clearance, I thought a couple of wears and they were paid for. It helps that they're comfy, too.
I've been waiting for these wedges to go on super sale on I've been checking every couple days to see if they were marked down, even though I get daily emails with their new deals. One day, I didn't even have to hope prior to entering the web address, I received an email with an awesome 9 hour special...$29.99 + free shipping - SOLD!
my precious baby Harley - he's just so cool! 

I then told myself to stop buying shoes... The End :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

To Vacation or Not to Vacation...

Well shoot, I thought I was going to get back to my computer before now. Sheesh, I must be busy. I started a little mural project at my in-laws this weekend. I was super nervous to start as this time, it wasn't on an interior wall, it was on the exterior of their home! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! That seems so permanent and visible. Yes, that's the point, but what if I screw up? Yikes, it's gonna be a real process. Saturday I started mapping it out in ridiculous heat and it took forever and was soooo tedious. That was a good sign believe it or not...Whenever it takes no time at all to set up, the painting becomes the issue, when there is massive prep work, it's like my brain says "OK - I may be ready for this." Then I can pick my brush up and start... so far, it's going well - YAY! I have another 9 hours, but the first 8 are done! I'll post the final product for sure. I think it's going to look neat.

What do you think of this skirt?! Great color, right?! I couldn't resist the $10 price tag either. I simply had to buy 2. (No I didn't, but look at who your reading here - need, want, couldn't resist, have/had to all fall under the same definition = there is no question it will be mine...*insert evil laugh here*) The other color will be appearing shortly.
Another little treat (dripping with sarcasm) that I get to figure out is what the logistics of my vacation are going to be this year. My friend and I had something planned, then it changed, then we both thought something different and now, instead of tying up details, I'm trying to figure out what the heck is going on. Right now, it looks like our vacations are diverging rather than converging like they were supposed to. I'm pretty bummed. I don't do "seat of my pants" well. *sigh* I guess I'll just have to grin and bare it.
I'm trying to look forward to the time off and what happens will happen, -but if you're type A like me- that's tough stuff.
Today's mantra: I am happy I get a vacation.
What are your vacation plans? Let me live vicariously through your plans :)!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hello?! - nope, not dead, not yet...she's still breathing

HELLLLLOOOOO Out There!!! Nope, didn't fall off the end of the earth...just the edge of sanity :) Whew, we've been so busy. Not traveling or anything exciting, but dealing with the boring responsibilities of house and home...
We - cleaned - out - the - Garage
Lame? Yes, enlightening? Oh Hell yeah! So many boxes of junk, I had completely forgotten existed. Also, when my parents moved out of their house, my mom transferred so many boxes that she was saving to me. That was 4 years ago. Procrastination much? My hubby had had it, he wanted me to decide what I needed to save from my childhood. Not unreasonable, just daunting. I've been successfully avoiding it for so long, I almost didn't want to break the string.
It was good I did, it was a trip down nostalgia's main street. One of the most exciting - BARBIES GALORE! Holy jesus, there are so many! I haven't gone through them one by one yet, I'm really looking forward to it though.
I still don't know what I am going to do with half of it, but isn't that what "the garage" is for? Surely, it couldn't be for my car :) 
note: the garage sale is currently being planned
I also refinished some furniture.
Um yeah, that really sucked. The result kicks ass though. I went to Salvation Army a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for a t.v. stand for the new t.v. my hubby just purchased. The t.v. is great, but the cabinet I found is PERFECT! There was a special, so I picked up a low chest of drawers for $39. It was simple and pretty with cool accents (which were such a pain to mask off/paint) and antique looking. SOLD! When I got it home, cleaning and sanding began, then I realized this sucker was truly an antique. The wood is old, but in pretty good shape. The sides are beautifully beveled and real wood, not MDF. It appears to be a less expensive reproduction of a fancier design, which was probably sold in a more accessible shop, like a SEARS type store, but like, when it first opened. I haven't done any research, but that's my guess. Anyway, it's been refinished and now sits staring at me from under our killer new t.v. YAY!

I'll be playing ensemble catch up this week, so stay tuned :)