Friday, April 30, 2010

I wish I could have 10 of these skirts:

But, then my closet would only be full of skirts. (That wouldn't be the worst thing, mind you...) I saw this skirt months ago in H&M in another color and of course, at the time, no size 10 was available. Thus, I went on  my way, sad I couldn't find a full style skirt. However, one of my favorite bloggers SWF, posted a new H&M purchase, and "wha lah!" my need for the skirt was rekindled. Luckily for me,  there were a plethora of size 10s so I had my choice of colors. Traditionally, I would have selected the skirt with coral tones because I am more comfortable with that color palate. But, I decided to grab this mint and yellow number. I'm glad I chose the way I did, as now I have another palate to work with. Oh yay!
This is one of those skirts that fits perfectly and kinda makes me want to twirl all day. It also dressed up an otherwise boring tank and sweater combo. I tried to find a pattern that was similar so I could go skirt crazy on my own, but to no avail.
(Actually, I did find a cute Butterick pattern, but it was a style number at the very back of the long-ass Butterick drawer and wouldn't you know it? I reached back and found my arms too short. After a couple of tries and some ripped skin off the back of my hand - thanks you vicious metal drawer and having no luck, I gave up. I was brutally rebuffed by the pattern drawer for crissakes. I guess it wasn't meant to be that I buy a pattern that day. I'll have to try again, another fabric store maybe.) I have been kinda drooling over some of the patterns at Colette Patterns. I covet most of them, but I'm a little intimidated. I'll eventually get past it though. I just have never followed a pattern that I haven't created myself - albeit, sometimes unsuccessfully. I wanted to try a Butterick or Simplicity pattern first because they have such a large "easy to sew" section.
The jewelry was a project I did a couple of weeks ago. Miniatures are awesome! I loved dollhouses and playing with the furniture. One of my little friends even had a miniture meal to set out in the kitchen for a dollhouse dinner. It was the best. Anytime I see miniatures used as jewelry I die, it's just so cute! All over Etsy (for example Petit Plat), crafters are selling their miniature wares and it's a blast to check 'em out. I just want to play with them all. Some of the detailing is just plain remarkable. 
(just look at this fruit tart and all the perfect lil fruit from Petit Plat- so brilliant)

For my first try at miniature jewelry I figured a lollipop was the easiest to start with. This is how it came out. (Sorry for the lame pics, my camera doesn't do details well) It made me smile. I could have gone with my boring yellow jewelry, but this was so much more whimsicle. I made a matching pair of earrings for my girlfriend's 10 year old. I didn't even think twice, I now wear the same jewelry as a 10 year old girl. FABULOUS!
next I want to make mini cheeseburgers :)
Inediblog.blogspot is a fun place to find "how tos" even though it's not updated regularly

Monday, April 26, 2010

Let's Give These Another Try...

The yellow tights...still not sold, yet still not ready to give up. But really, why shouldn't I? I just don't dig 'em. Answer: I'm stubborn, so here we are...
I like wearing the jumper as a jumper, but I think a little white t-shirt would be the best. Ah ha! Something new to shop for. This last weekend, I just popped into my favorite "boutique de thrift" (Salvation Army) and found a couple of goodies. I find some of the most beautiful items. For example, a bright red, wool, Jackie O. cut jacket by Pendleton in perfect condition and just so pretty, (size 4 - of course) and I soooo wanted to buy it and give it to someone I knew, but alas, I don't know too many vintage junkies like me. But shoot, what a find! Maybe oneday I will find an outlet for that. Anyhoodle, back to the jumper...
This day was pretty cold and this ensemble was pretty apt. Maybe, next time I'll wear fuchsia tights. 
I can't get enough of this scarf though. I found a dress with this exact print and wouldn't you know it? Wrong size and stained. Oh well, I left with other spoils.
I'm going to leave this nice and short. I'm off to prep other goodies :)

There WAS Rain on the Horizon - Yet It Didn't Fall

*Mea Culpa - My life has been particularly challenging the past 10 days or so. Silver Boots just didn't fit into the "sad me" equation...This post was prepped last week, but I never made it to the publish button. I do have a bit to show for my time of -no internet. Stay tuned ;)
As cold as it was when the evening crept in, the rain was held at bay by an unknown force, taunting my desire for a reason to use my red it became a photographic pon.
This was my awkward outfit Monday. Do you ever feel just "off " from the minute you open your eyes in the morning? I had predicted that this particular Monday was going to happen, but I just didn't want to concede. It happens at least once a month. Truly hoping that a cute skirt and top combo would brighten my mood and confidence, I grabbed this cute sailor style, high waisted number... Well, how did that work out for me? Not so awesome: 
The skirt was too short for work. I was pulling it down the ENTIRE day and I didn't notice this little hemline shananigan until I had one foot out the door (literally) that morning. And then on my drive to work, I looked down (while sitting in my typical traffic-y drive) that I was going to have to stand up/sit up straight and suck it in because the huge creases were already starting. (This appears to be a special little characteristic of this skirt.) What was I thinking? And what was the designer of this skirt thinking? Use some rayon or polyester as the main fabric, not cotton - Wrinkle/Crease City! ~A place I always involuntarily end up.
I DO really like this skirt, just not at work and not when I am feeling like a bloated balloon. The last one applies to all snug outfits. :) I think its gonna be adorable without the tights and with a black tank or tshirt. Heck, maybe I'll throw on a sailor hat (but I must find one first!)
One beacon in my Monday outfit darkness - At least my wedges were cute!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Saucy Librarian

I thought my hair was my best accessory last week when I wore it this way. I love how my bangs made just the right swoop and disappeared into my longer hair, like I had no bangs at all. I used to have mod 60s style bangs off and on since high school. I've been growing the last ones I cut out since 2007. I am jonesing to cut them again, but then I have to remember how long it took me to grow them out and not do it.
Last weekend I had my hubby cut my hair... yes, you read that correctly. I armed my man with some hair shears and directed his cuts with each snip. Everytime he went in to snip some more, he had this horrified look on his face. I think he puts more value on my hair than I do. lol I kept laughing and assuring him, if he made a mistake, it was only hair, it would grow back. (In my senior year of college I went with a pixie cut, from a super long length. Even the stylist had to confirm that I really wanted to do it as he had never had anyone so confident in cutting it all off from such a long length. I have always had that attitude towards hair - it will grow back so go for it. But back to my point: I can home and he saw what I had done and he was speechless. I had totally warned him, too. He doesn't like short hair. Now, I think he hangs onto the fear that I am going to come home with a mohawk one day when returning from my stylist. Come on, that was like, 8 years ago. Darn it, I feel old...)
You know one person who is mystifying to me?... Dita Von Teese. She is just so amazing. It's no wonder she has such a fervent following. She embodies true Hollywood Glamor in my opinion. It's like watching Ava Gardner or Veronica Lake. Dita never has a hair out of place, perfect make-up and she carries herself with such grace, she's just fun to watch. To say she is an inspiration doesn't even depict how much of an influence her image has had on me. Not that I'm going to put myself together perfectly everyday and spend more time in front of a mirror than out living life, but its the overall package. She puts so much effort into looking beautiful and put together how can she not inspire? Putting more effort into my appearance and how I put myself together is where she is a muse for me. It brings a certain confidence that I wouldn't achieve in scrubs. If I feel good presenting myself to the day, how could I go wrong? Thanks Dita, you rule.

Dita pics can be found at this site.
What celebrities inspire you?

In particular, my hair totally hit the mark. YAY, now I just have to do rollers per night :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why Aren't Shirtdresses More Common?

Really though, why aren't they? They were they bomb in the 60s & 70s, why not now? 
Luckily that has changed...Common? If you haven't seen 'em yet, you soon will!

Target has definitely satisfied my need. They have quite a few cuties to chose from. I think I may have to acquire another, but I must wait for a clearance. Hopefully, it's right around the corner with my next paycheck, hmmmm?
The late 60s brought us the shirtdress craze. Blouses with high necks and ruffles that also sppeared at the sleeves, fancied up a skirt suit or the daring pants suit. Suits in the spring and summer were fewer than the winter and necessity morphed the blouse became a skirt length dressshirt style blouse. They were a bit more formal and quickly expanded to chic, casual day wear. The details have of course changed with time, for example, the ruffles are fewer - yay. (Ruffles are good, but only in moderation.) They're just such a classic style, they can flatter just about anyone. Whoever brought 'em back into the spotlight - good stuff!
[If you happen to be interested in more shirtdress history, go here :)]

Is another shirtdress in my future?
I must assess. I'm only allotting $40 for my shopping addiction next paycheck, soooooo, frickin' YAY! *think clearance darnit* How do you all deal with the obsession that is styling ourselves to fabulous?? Really! I want to know!

*btw: i love the comments you guys, you positively make my day!*

Monday, April 12, 2010

Urban Outfitters Has Taken My Wallet's Soul...

Everytime, every-frickin-time I find an awesome sale at Urban Outfitters -particularly when I don't want to. Who wouldn't want to find great deals at a favorite store? Me and my sad wallet Jane. Yes, I have named my wallet and yes, I am nuts. She changes forms and looks, but she still holds the goods and goes pretty much everywhere with me. I figured, why not name her? She helps me shop or not shop, she tends to be a bit fickle though. She and I need to have a conversation about consistancy and how she has none. Well, the other day Jane signed her soul away. Now she and I are really in for it...
This fabulous jumper was $9.99. I mean, darnit, how could I resist. Of course it was the only size 12, and it had to be mine. It's a little roomy so I'm thinking it would look cute for work with a shirt underneath. We'll see what I come up with. I wore this to a friend's 30th birthday. It was pretty darn cold and I should have worn tights (really it should have been thermals, it was freezing) but, I couldn't resist the red knee highs paired with the wedges.
Fitting Room Chronicles: When I was trying this dress on I thought the only zipper was the one at the top. It was tough to get on, getting it off...well, that was even more of a challenge. I got totally stuck for a minute. It was "arms over the head panic mode". I had to keep reminding myself, "If you got it on, you can get it off." Imagine my surprise and delight, when I found the zipper at the side once I finally got it off. I felt extrordinarily lame, but I was lame and a dress richer. Now that I knew I could get it off and on easily, it was sold,. Without the side zipper? Not so much.
Time to go pick out my outfit for tomorrow. I hope I do a better job than a did last night. I had a not so awesome outfit day today. It just felt awkward. You win some, you lose some. Gotta hit the mark tomorrow so my day goes a bit better...

Friday, April 9, 2010

The $10 Dress

I saw a couple of ladies on weardrobe and another blog I follow with this dress and I was envious. I have been limiting my H&M visits to once a month at the most. I can drop a massive load of cash there in the blink of an eye. My resistance is always tested EVERYTIME I go in. So I was particularly happy to walk out with this dress, (the exact one I had coveted!) and belt for 18 buck-a-roos. It's a bit short on my 5' 9'' frame, but I if I don't bend over to pick anything up, I should be ok. (The Large was better in length, but was big everywhere else, which is rare for me. The Medium was just hanging there, beckoning me from behind it on the rack. There were the only 2 left. See, it was meant to be.)
I threw on the boots for a dash of grunge. They look awkward, so I like the juxtaposition, sweet and clumsy. Many of my feet coverings (aka: heels) would look great with this dress. I have a feeling I will be getting a lot of mileage out of this dress this season. :) Truth be told, I have a BCBG champagne satin bandage dress, with a bit of beading, that looks quite similar and is kinda formal, so I decided I had to have a more casual version, especially for the price! The ribbon and mesh combination is just great.

Annie Hall or Holly Hobby?

A little bit Annie Hall, a little bit Holly Hobby. :) I made last Thursday casual Thursday at work all by myself. I was the only one who got the memo. lol I really like where I work. I really can get away with anything, (of course it has to be within reason). There is a pretty broad style base that ranges under acceptable here, but maybe in middle america would be deemed borderline inappropriate. It leaves room for fun and experimentation. I don't think I could hang at a place that requires a suit daily. I express myself with what I wear. I always feel like I'm presentable and fairly professional, however. Because we have a little bit of leeway, it makes it a little easier to get up in the morning when I'm looking forward to what I styled the night before. (I have to prep my ensemble the night before because I would end up wearing leggings and running shoes everyday if I didn't, I'm so not a morning person no matter what I try, so I have to help myself out a bit.)
I am totally on board with stockings and socks with open toed shoes. It gives a new dimension to a sandal that I thought could only be worn 1 or 2 ways, with or without tights. Thank you 70s. This was a look I had totally forgotten about until it became popular once again recently. I found these grey babies at Target on clearance for $1.75. THAT I can totally spend and not feel guilty. Yay! (The only issue was they kept rolling down at the top, finally I folded them over and that seemed to help.)
Pretty much all day, I dug my ensemble. I had half a dozen compliments throughout the day, over half from strangers. That always makes me feel good :) I think I almost went overboard with the accessories though, so I omitted jewelry. Thanks Coco! Chanel rule: Always take one accessory off before you leave the house. I sooooo don't always follow that rule, but if I ever am in doubt, that's what pops to mind.
Best thing about this ensemble? The most expensive thing: the wedges for $29.99 which also happen to be the most expensive item I have purchased in the past month or so. (Good job Kel.) I'm really starting to appreciate developing my budgeting abilities and that sharp eyed thirfting eye being honed, I'm able to uncover for sooooo much less. (Or utilize something I thought was not working anymore, 'cause darnit, most of my closet is like that right now. Time to work on my outfit rotation.)