Monday, March 28, 2011

Tiny Lights

That weekend was waaaayyyy TOO SHORT! (Not the rapper.) I had such a nice long weekend the weekend before last that I’m totally not used to only 2 days. Funny how 1 long weekend can totally throw everything off…
The funnest part of the weekend was that we went to a hockey game on Saturday and the KINGS won! Yay!
We also saw David Boreanaz – yum (he’s a cheating bastard – but totally hot.)
Since it was a day game, we came home and it was still light out. I thought I would trot on over to the Salvation Army. I didn’t need anything, but I had the urge to shop. I figured the safest place to go was the cheapest place I could think of and that always delivers. I made it to SA and they were recarpeting – *How dare they! I need to fulfill a hormonal desire to shop!* Good thing the Goodwill is a couple of miles down the way. I hadn’t been to the Goodwill in ages since SA is fabulous. It was organized and not very busy. Strange – but even with these chill attributes – the chaos of the Salvie still has my heart.

I found a dress and a shirt. I need to alter the dress something awful though. It’s hideous as is, I think I can make it hideous awesome by working with the hem and such. We’ll see what I come up with. This time I’ll actually have before and after pictures. I feel so on top of things!
This cranberry peacoat was a great price at Costco this winter and I loved the color so I brought it home (after I paid of course). I have a herringbone coat similar so to make it more of it’s own style I decided to add a bit of retro appeal with the removable collar. (I used this tutorial from Colette Patterns. Super easy to follow even though faux fur is stupid to work with. It slips everywhere if you don't have the right lining - like I didn't.) I loved this faux fur when I found it at Joann’s on clearance – its so soft and doesn’t come off in your hand when you pet it J. It was pretty neat that I was able to make something fun and usable out of it. Even though the collar is removable, I never take it off. I think it’s too fabulous!
(Yes, I still write on my hand like I was 12...)
top: Inspira via SA; peacoat: Calvin Klein via Costco; pants: H&M; boots: Steve Madden online "Ottowa"; earrings: F21
Like my hair? This is my “I’m so sick of my hair, I don’t know what else to do with it today” look. I need to start putting more effort into this growing mass of dry redness.

Happy Monday! I gotta go catch up on my blog reading J

(this has been stuck in my head all day! I just love it)


Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

I want your jacket..totally cute!! You're working this outfit girl!!

Linda said...

You added that collar? Fancy-pants!

I went to school (a few years ahead) with the captain of the Kings. It's funny how far he has gone!

Natasha said...

I love your blouse...the color is so fun!

Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

Anonymous said...

LOL at "after I paid for it of course"

- Tessa