Saturday, January 30, 2010

Revisiting 70s comfort...

Gauchos: Forever21; Ruffle Blouse: H&M; Boots: Victoria's Secret; Necklace & Earings: I made
Our Friday's at work used to be casual. Now they aren't. I do, however make a point to be comfortable. My 70s gauchos are always just that - super comfy. I paired them with a favorite ruffle shirt, my riding boots (which I soon need to replace as the are looking a little worked - I wear them ALL the time) and I was on my way. The pants have a small orange line running through them, so I honored that with my deep orange cameo necklace I made a last month. I couldn't bare to do much with my hair, which is the case most mornings after I finish my makeup, so I just threw in some small butterfly clips. I was just dying to buy this adorable Stop Staring dress from Daddy-0's online (the best prices on vintage reproduction dresses!) I found it forever ago and have been coveting it ever since. I finally had to do it, I bought it :) I am so excited to get it in the mail next week! The precious key hole at the neckline and the cap sleeves...ahhhh, I need it! I have another dress from Stop Staring (that I also purchased off of Daddy-0's) with the same neckline, but a wiggle bottom. It's linen colored with black trim. Everytime I wear it I get so many compliments. 1940's is the silohuette that looks best on me, so I am counting the days until I get it. I had to get it delivered to my work so I could sneek it into my closet so my husband won't see. He always rolls his eyes and asks how I could possibly need another dress (or another pair of shoes)...*sigh* he'll never get it. LOL - I sooooo don't care!

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