Thursday, February 18, 2010

Copious Amounts of Coveting

*Sigh* I haven't felt the need to post much lately. However, I have been collecting goodies that appeal to me to put up when I was inspired. Well, *drumroll* is that day. I don't even know how many albums I have put together with pictures of styles, looks and art work I cut out from Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Southern Living, all the magazines I go through and enjoy. This is kinda the same thing. I get these neat "Shop It To Me" emails (as I've noted before - cause it's awesome) that send all the deals that are happening an designers I like. They are always a welcome couple minutes break during a harried work day. And inevitably I find alluring items. My co-worker and I send each other what we want that day. It's always fun to see what we pick out for ourselves and even for each other. It's funny how you can get to know someone when their style helps to give you a sense of who they are. I mean, there are many variables, but talking about something you enjoy with someone else who feels the same is neat. And when it's opinon (and humorous harsh judgements - thank you GoFugYourself for all the wonderful material) about fashion and style, well shoot, grab a latte, pull up a chair and have fun.

Soooo, I don't really dig the whole "I'm an actor, I'm a singer, I'm a designer" bull. I won't go into my diatribe about where fashion has gone and the pop marketing that has pushed it in such a direction, etc... however, here's an example: Jessica Simpson. Her various lines bring in $400 million per year and her designers are pretty good at appropriating popular styles, but I am still not sold, literally, I put her brand down when I pick it up. I was totally shocked when I saw this pretty thing. Color, trim, cut, all of it comes together nicely.

Also, upon further study, her dress line is cute. Boo, I don't like being proved wrong. (I was friggin right about JLO, though.)

Nanette Lapore I have adored for years. Her structuring, retro styles, spectacular color and fabric choices - I want it all. This dress surprised me that it was hers, I like it, but it is quite contemporary, zippers as decoration, or the bubble hem for example. Yes, I know those are 80s creations, and those shoulders are totally 80s and now I guess that is retro, soooo, I feel old... Anyway, they are taking a slightly different direction as of late, some bohemian even. I'm not sure about it, but I am holding judgement, I still see stuff I like. However, I would like to see more vintage inspired stuff that worked so well.

Oh look, more BCBGeneration. But a gorgeous shirt this time. The sheer teal fabric is so pretty and the cut! holy mackrel, the bow - so 60s, the sleeves, the defined waist - it's just toooo cute!

The dress of course is another adorable short piece by BCBGeneration. The waistline detail makes the whole dress. The hemline by itself I could take or leave, but with the waist it totally works.

And onto the next grouping of fun....

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