Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Betsy

Dear Betsy J.,
I want to wear your dresses and drink a spot of tea...

The Betsy Johnson dresses I normally gravitate towards are 50s inspired. The hem is contemporary length, however.The black skirt on the above dress is so pretty and just a little poofy. The tiers are so pretty and though there are many, it doesn't seem too heavy. I normally run from lilac, but I like it with the black lace overlay. The bow at the waist is perfect to help bridge the gap  between the layers and the top.

This dress is just sweet. Look at it! The adorable bow that completes the entire dress and it's such a cute lil thing. The pink is fairly understated since it is dispersed as a bold lace in a beautful pattern. Battenburg Lace hasn't been used so successfully off the window or dining table, in like - EVER. I really think it's a unique choice :) The black fabric underneath helps the lace to pop so you can see those pretty starbursts. I also like that it's a strap with some substance. They could have easily gone with a speghetti strap, but they didn't. Bravo! Now, if only I could afford it... 
It won't let me link, so here it is darnit!

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