Tuesday, February 23, 2010

For the Love of Stripes

A Post to Appease the Thrift Gnomes
Today you would have been proud, it 'twas a day for the annals of thrifting. I found one of my new favorite shirts. I went through rack after rack and found so many items that you would approve of for me. But I set my goal, $20 can buy you everything you could possibly want at the Salvation Army when you are without funds. And today it was true. This shirt I grabbed I spied years ago at Nordstrom. There was no clearance fairy on the mall that day so I turned and walked away, just too expensive.

top: thirfted; skirt: Express; belt &bracelet: H&M; earrings & necklaces: I made; Tights: Target; heels: DSW (Chinese Laundry)
Low and behold, 3 years later, a forgotten top. I couldn't believe I remembered the shirt as someone else discarded it. It jumped into my arms. My favorite adage rings true time and time again - One person's trash is another person's treasure. Treasure indeed!
The fasten on the back above the cute keyhole neck was gone. The patch was coming unsewed, I knew I could save it. I went to Joann's fabric to pick up a frog clasp, mended the patch and then it was complete. The adorable pleated, short sleeves, the strange, but pretty green bejeweled patch/permanent brooch on the front, it was as if the top was made for me.
I am happy, thank you for your guidance Thrift Gnomes!

There must have been something mighty interesting off to my left. I wish I had gotten a good pic of the earring in my other ear, a ship wheel. I was feeling quite nautical. I have a short, pleated white skirt this will look even better with, come warmer weather of course, and a cute pair of wedges - stop! So cute!

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