Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love it...

I love the colors in this Lucky Brand purse. It is so colorful and the scale design is neat. It looks so 70s with the color selection. Overall I really dig Lucky Brand purse design. Their hobo bags are so awesome!

You know what I could wear with that gorgeous purse?  - that killer Yardly Sweater (that is way overpriced) by Marc Jacobs. The latte brown with that pop of coral piping. It looks super comfy and kinda reminds me of a house coat ;)

This luscious piece of fabulousness keeps showing up on my "Shopittome" email and I keep drooling over it! The bow - STOP IT! so cute -The tiers are placed just perfectly. The top one is high enough to be a peplum and anything with a peplum (that isn't an 80s peplum) needs to be MINE! The sheer fabric adds another unexpected dimension. I want it, but yet again, another Marc Jacobs piece that I can't afford. But, that is ok. Just means I need to thrift for something like it or create one... only time will tell to see if that idea pans out...
Oh yeah, Steve Madden's Preorder selections are pretty great too. These are a must (they come in a purple suede as well.)
These ones aren't on preorder, so I NEED THESE oxfords, but I really mean it this time. I'm gonna keep my eyes peeled for a sale on these suckers! They look like I could swing in them, if I knew how :)

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