Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Collar to Help Me Fly Away...

Dress: Macy's (Tiana B.); Jacket: Target; Boots: DSW
The exaggerated peter pan collar on this jacket is awesome. I LOVE it! The second I spied it on the rack I knew it was going to be mine. They didn't have my size so I looked online and there it was for about $7 less - SCORE! The dress was another score I found at Macy's Christmas clearance. It's comfortable, it fits like a dream and it's one of my favorite colors. Everyone always asks me where I got it - "Macy's" I reply with a huge smile, it was such a deal! Darn it! - those Macy's clearance sales - the ones where you "price check" it, it is like 50% of the already marked down price! - they are just like crack, you always want to find another deal just like it the next time. When you don't, it's such a disappointment (even if the price is pretty reasonable anyway.) Ahhh, the psychology of shopping...
The shadows in this pic is so cool - I think :)
These nylons suck. They are thigh high stockings that have no grip on their top lace so, basically, I was pulling them up ALL day. As I was walking to my car with my co-worker they were falling down and we thought it was just hilarious. They ended up at my knees. I had just had enough. These stupid things are for the lingerie drawer only and not for wearing out anywhere for chrissakes!

This whole resurgence of jewel tones is so great. The colors are brilliant and attractive on most people. Emerald green, Peacock blue, Fuscha, Amber, there are so many! It's just Aces!

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