Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Grocery Day

This was a great one. I just really like the shadows and the sun lights up my face quite nicely - if I do say so myself. heh heh
The lighting of this day was so great. I love the glare off the window and the shadows. This is another one of my favorite pictures of the day. I think it came out just right.
 I noticed that lately I have been belting most everything. ("Cinch It!") I really dig the look. But I also think my waist needs definition. I'm an apple rather than a pear so I always try to create more of a waist. It gives me a silhouette I like and I'm pretty critical of myself so when I find something that works, I stick with it ;)
This is our amazing dog Harley, he is one of 2 awesome dogs and 2 cool cats. My hubby opened the door hoping he would run through the shot as he ran into the yard. He's such a stinker - both of them.
I mean shoot, just look at those heels - adorable. Can't wait to wear them with out tights or stockings. I really shouldn't though. It will be ridiculously hot soon enough. I swear we live on the sun, here in the L.A. Valley.
Shoes: Chinese Laundry; Jeans: Macy's (American Rag); Shirt & Belt: H&M; Necklace: Claire's: Earrings: I made
It's been a couple of days, but I've been gathering images. I've also been quite busy. This particular outfit I wore out grocery shopping with my hubby. I decided instead of my classic Vans high tops, I opted to break in my newest purchase, the FABULOUS SHOES!!! I just love 'em so much. They have such a retro vibe, but with a contemporary heel. My feet are really digging these babies. I have already worn them to work and they got the A-OK from my tootsies. These jeans are my absolute best pair. I wear them everywhere rolled up or they are actually long enough to hit all my shoes just right. I'm 5'9" so finding jeans that are long enough and that fit right everywhere else is difficult sometimes, but oh well, just means more reasons to keep trying for a perfect pair in all different washes. Somehow, I still find myself with about 10 pairs in my closet (after getting rid of about 6 that just didn't work anymore no matter how hard I tried,) if I encounter another great pair, they will come home and join the others... They all get some play, don't worry :)
The necklace is a neat recent find at Claire's. It is metal flowers in a deep teal. It's so 60's, I should have purchased the other one to pull apart and make some matching earrings and a brooch, but alas, I'm always quite genius way too late. Ah well, yet another reason to browse around for something else that matches :)
I am chomping at the bit to get my online purchases from Daddy-Os & Amazon... They are supposed to be delivered soon. I love getting packages in the mail. Is it sick I already have another pair of shoes I have had my eye on? - Yes, but it's ok. I'll make it through, looking fabulous.

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