Thursday, February 4, 2010

My hubby plays video games - I play dress up...

Faux Fur little 60s jackets like this always catch my eye. I love the cut. I just realized that 75% of the jackets I own are 60s style. A little crop, some have an empire seam, some don't. Most only button in first 8 inches of the placard. I complain about how I have to define my waist, then go purchase jackets that camoflage it, duh, but they are so cute. I guess that has been my deal for a while now. 

The dress kicks ass! I wanted a shorter dress with a good shape, but that wasn't a second skin. This is a BCBGeneration Dress that I found on of all places. (I also saw it on for twice the amount.) I really like the way their designs fit, for the most part (I have a tough to fit top half, this dress has a good amount of stretch.) I have about 3 of their dresses and I dig each one. The color is fabulous and the piping adds a visable stucture element. I was afraid it was going to look too 90s (generally a decade I avoid - I already lived it.) However, it turned out to be one of my best online purchases. I am a big online shopper when I get bored. As you can deduct, I get bored a lot :) 
I'm really stoked with the way my hair came out. It's like a curl mohawk! lol When I took the back out, the front part looked awesome as is. It's a bit much to do before work, but to go out? No problem!
Dress: (BCBGeneration); Jacket: Forever21; Tights: Target; Stockings: Hot Sox; Heels: Chinese Laundry; Floral hairclips & Earrings: I made

It was a lazy Sunday and I was bored so I decide to play with my hair. It kind of snow balled into makeup then into a full on ensemble. I am not sure I would actually wear the striped socks with this outfit to go out in necessarily, but I thought I would be a neat effect. I bought the striped stockings in my 8th grade year of junior high. I found 'em in a neat little socks shop in my hometown. I just loved them and wore the heck out of them. As I moved through high school, they moved their way out of rotation. However, I kept them cause they are the bomb! I just love 'em. They might be a little young for a 29 year old, but who's got 2 thumbs and doesn't care? - This girl :)
The shoes are a neat find I purchased at DSW in the clearance section - the awesomest section in every store. I wanted to subscibe to the gladiator heel idea, but I didn't want to be pigeon holed there if I decided the look was tired, so I opted for a sandal with the least amount of straps. Luckily, I found these and they totally remind me of Michael Kors last season. Chinese Laundry has the best knock off designs!
The sunglasses made me feel badass! They are Betsy Johnson's that slip down my nose, but are the only large frame glasses that I have found that I like (I hate sunglasses that accentuate my nose.) The pink leopard print is fun too. I found them at Nordstrom Rack for $20! I was going to buy them out of the Victoria's Secret catalogue many months earlier, but thought $120 was way too much. (I think a lot of Betsy Johnson's accessories are overpriced for the quality of materials, but are indeed pretty cute for the most part.)

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