Wednesday, February 24, 2010

'Twas a Plaid Day in L.A.

I'm a bit behind in posting, this in my ensemble from Monday. I love this skirt. I found it at Nordstrom Rack for $12. What a find! And you know what else I purchased at Nordstrom Rack... this top. The cap sleeves are kinda nice surprise for a tie mock neck shirt. It could have easily been long sleeve, but that is why I like it. The pleating under the tie and the little keyhole are neat, too.
These boots always kick ass. I wear them with everything. I can't always wear them to work due to the height of the heel, though. I like them with this skirt because it is actually pretty long. It buttons up the front with no real reinforcement, which is a bit strange as I walk the spaces opened up in between the buttons, and it did the same thing even when I sat. So out came the velcro and the sewing machine. I stiched in black velcro right inbetween the buttons. Problems averted! Also the velcro helps me not to worry about a button sliding out, which has happened, but the velcro saved the day. I also do this with my snugger blouses. No worries about showing my bra the whole day - good stuff!
So here's my gripe, why do 50% of the pencil skirts made have pockets. WTF! They ALWAYS pop out at the hip and across the front. Grrrrrr. Why is a pocket in a skirt, that is supposed to fit snuggly, a good idea? It's really not. I have 4 skirts that were purchased due to their affordability and not being able to find ones without. For one, I stitched them closed, another I'm planning on doing the same, but I've had other hand stitching lately that has taken priority, one I don't know what to do, this plaid one is the last. This one is the only one that is ok. Probably because it is a hip sitting skirt. It's hard to tuck things into it, but I do it sometimes anyway and I tuck in the back all day long. It's still awesome!

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