Thursday, February 25, 2010

Garden Tea Time

So I pretty much want everything in this set. I definitely think I can make something similar. Here's to that challenge. Who knows when I will fullfill it :) At least it's fun to have more of a goal than just "everything"...
Spring Garden
Spring Garden by kamundy featuring Miss Selfridge skirts
Items in this set:
Beiger Cardigan - Designer Mode Fashion Online Shop, 250 EUR
Cream Floral Printed Skirt, 30 GBP
Prada Shoes: New Women's Prada Shoes, Spring/Summer 2010, $745
Bracelet, $290
Bow Clock Brooch, $32

Oh yeah, I also purchased these just now...
Aren't they great? I love the color and the spectator detailing. My husbby will kill me when he finds out - (if he finds out...*insert evil laugh*) has 15% right now and thank goodness, cause these are a spluge. I hope they are true to size, cause I'm gonna be super bummed if they run short. I tried on the Steve Madden two tone oxford I posted here earlier and they run a whole size smaller - say what?! Yup. So anyway, I went looking for other goodies to satiate my heeled oxford obsession. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed.
However, I'm done buying stuff for a while, I'm kinda tired of spending money... YEA!!! Maybe I can actually save something for my savings. Now that would be truely amazing!


Annie said...

Great set! It's refreshing to see a tea time set that's not just pastels.

KellyAnn said...

Thanks Annie!