Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Little House on the Prairie Style

So I'm sitting here with my hubby watching "LOST" (on a rival network, no less) and I am just kinda sick of all the questions this show produces. It's the last season and we know who the black fog is and....,....the bread for the trail they are leaving is tasting like crap. If you have any insight to any outstanding questions, please enlighten me (and I'm not being a smart ass, I'm serious, help me out here.)
Also, I'm just sitting here eating "Chips Ahoy!" cookies one after another, it's been one of those nights... They were on sale so I grabbed 'em. My "Chips Ahoy" need is renewed similar to when I was a kid. They are goooood in a pinch if you're craving a cookie. Yea! (The name is so silly when you think about it- "Chips Ahoy!" What the heck?)
I really like this skirt, it's a simple combination of calicos and I just dig it! (It's not the most flattering on my body type, there wouldn't be any variations in what I wear if that was the case, so booo!) The top was a purchase from years ago, and though, it has the lace requirement that appeal to me, it's a bit of a "my chest looks really huge" type top. And I hate that. So you might be saying goodbye to this thing. (And another in the exact same style in a light caramel color. Any takers? lol) It's actually really cute, on someone who's a little bit less endowed. And yes, I dislike the size of them and I am so not looking forward to the body changes a child brings (not that I'm thinking about it right now, but it's definitely in the future.)

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