Monday, March 29, 2010


So these were the "great deal" items I have found over the past couple of weeks. Since I have been having the fat closet issue, my eye is being drawn to accessories.
1. Steve Madden: $11.99 (love the color)
2. Straw Fedora $5.99 (it intimidates me)
3. Ralph Lauren $29.99 (soooo comfy)
4. Starburst cloche: $4.99
5. Nude cloche: $4.99
6. Grey Leather Ribbon belt: $4.99 (ribbon!)
7. Red Leather Perforated belt: $9.99 (deep red has my number)
8. Grey Bow belt: $5.95 (to add a simple bow to any look)

Admittedly, the one thing I shouldn't have purchased was the grey ribbon belt. It's so cute and I like it, it just isn't the most slimming belt for my body type and I'm not totally sure whay I'm going to wear it with, but we'll see. I just really liked it because I love ribbon as an accent.
The hats are just so cute. I have the wool one's with light colors that I can get away with for a little while longer and the straw fedora is something I am forcing myself to integrate into my ensembles. Why? You may ask...because it scares me. Hats sometimes make me feel over the top, but I have decided to get over it and go for it. We'll see what I come up with. Hopefully I can make these fabulous deals I found worth every penny.

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Jenni said...

oooo... what great goodies! I love the hats and the red leather belt!

always great to see another fellow redheaded style blogger. =)