Monday, April 5, 2010

Curly Style

A couple of days last week, I decided to sleep in foam curlers. They are surprisingly comfortable to sleep in and I would do it every day if it wasn't such a pain to do every night, ya know? It only takes about 10 minutes from start to finish, but arrrggg! I'm lazy. I really do like the way it looks with my hair down because its so long, but like I said, a hair cut is on the horizon.
The skirt is really an adorable halter dress. It fits like a dream as it's one of my favorites - BCBG. Just great stuff. It was pretty warm here last week so the elbow length sweater was perfect.
I felt really retro with my color choices. Kinda like French's mustard and dark relish. The shoes are amazingly comfortable, but isn't that why Aerosoles are awesome! Yup.

These pants are cute in theory, but the cotton really creases after a long day and they aren't in the "these pants make me look so thin" catagory. They are comfortable, but I think they are cuter a tiny bit more casual. They look adorable with my saddle shoes or converse. So they may stay in the "not good for work" catagory.
All day I was wondering if I could tighten this belt without looking like a rubber band around a sausage with my shirt choice. I really should have/could have, but I didn't.
So this week, I'm going to go for items guaranteed to be crisper than last week. We'll see what I come up with....

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