Friday, April 9, 2010

Annie Hall or Holly Hobby?

A little bit Annie Hall, a little bit Holly Hobby. :) I made last Thursday casual Thursday at work all by myself. I was the only one who got the memo. lol I really like where I work. I really can get away with anything, (of course it has to be within reason). There is a pretty broad style base that ranges under acceptable here, but maybe in middle america would be deemed borderline inappropriate. It leaves room for fun and experimentation. I don't think I could hang at a place that requires a suit daily. I express myself with what I wear. I always feel like I'm presentable and fairly professional, however. Because we have a little bit of leeway, it makes it a little easier to get up in the morning when I'm looking forward to what I styled the night before. (I have to prep my ensemble the night before because I would end up wearing leggings and running shoes everyday if I didn't, I'm so not a morning person no matter what I try, so I have to help myself out a bit.)
I am totally on board with stockings and socks with open toed shoes. It gives a new dimension to a sandal that I thought could only be worn 1 or 2 ways, with or without tights. Thank you 70s. This was a look I had totally forgotten about until it became popular once again recently. I found these grey babies at Target on clearance for $1.75. THAT I can totally spend and not feel guilty. Yay! (The only issue was they kept rolling down at the top, finally I folded them over and that seemed to help.)
Pretty much all day, I dug my ensemble. I had half a dozen compliments throughout the day, over half from strangers. That always makes me feel good :) I think I almost went overboard with the accessories though, so I omitted jewelry. Thanks Coco! Chanel rule: Always take one accessory off before you leave the house. I sooooo don't always follow that rule, but if I ever am in doubt, that's what pops to mind.
Best thing about this ensemble? The most expensive thing: the wedges for $29.99 which also happen to be the most expensive item I have purchased in the past month or so. (Good job Kel.) I'm really starting to appreciate developing my budgeting abilities and that sharp eyed thirfting eye being honed, I'm able to uncover for sooooo much less. (Or utilize something I thought was not working anymore, 'cause darnit, most of my closet is like that right now. Time to work on my outfit rotation.)

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