Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why Aren't Shirtdresses More Common?

Really though, why aren't they? They were they bomb in the 60s & 70s, why not now? 
Luckily that has changed...Common? If you haven't seen 'em yet, you soon will!

Target has definitely satisfied my need. They have quite a few cuties to chose from. I think I may have to acquire another, but I must wait for a clearance. Hopefully, it's right around the corner with my next paycheck, hmmmm?
The late 60s brought us the shirtdress craze. Blouses with high necks and ruffles that also sppeared at the sleeves, fancied up a skirt suit or the daring pants suit. Suits in the spring and summer were fewer than the winter and necessity morphed the blouse became a skirt length dressshirt style blouse. They were a bit more formal and quickly expanded to chic, casual day wear. The details have of course changed with time, for example, the ruffles are fewer - yay. (Ruffles are good, but only in moderation.) They're just such a classic style, they can flatter just about anyone. Whoever brought 'em back into the spotlight - good stuff!
[If you happen to be interested in more shirtdress history, go here :)]

Is another shirtdress in my future?
I must assess. I'm only allotting $40 for my shopping addiction next paycheck, soooooo, frickin' YAY! *think clearance darnit* How do you all deal with the obsession that is styling ourselves to fabulous?? Really! I want to know!

*btw: i love the comments you guys, you positively make my day!*


Ashley J said...

I am really liking this outfit! I like shirtdresses personally because they are easy and can transition from "work clothes" to "going out" with a few simple adjustments. Do you make those headbands to sell?

Kyla said...

Wow - that IS a pretty amazing dress and it looks soooo good on you! Love how you styled it with the purple accessories!