Thursday, April 15, 2010

Saucy Librarian

I thought my hair was my best accessory last week when I wore it this way. I love how my bangs made just the right swoop and disappeared into my longer hair, like I had no bangs at all. I used to have mod 60s style bangs off and on since high school. I've been growing the last ones I cut out since 2007. I am jonesing to cut them again, but then I have to remember how long it took me to grow them out and not do it.
Last weekend I had my hubby cut my hair... yes, you read that correctly. I armed my man with some hair shears and directed his cuts with each snip. Everytime he went in to snip some more, he had this horrified look on his face. I think he puts more value on my hair than I do. lol I kept laughing and assuring him, if he made a mistake, it was only hair, it would grow back. (In my senior year of college I went with a pixie cut, from a super long length. Even the stylist had to confirm that I really wanted to do it as he had never had anyone so confident in cutting it all off from such a long length. I have always had that attitude towards hair - it will grow back so go for it. But back to my point: I can home and he saw what I had done and he was speechless. I had totally warned him, too. He doesn't like short hair. Now, I think he hangs onto the fear that I am going to come home with a mohawk one day when returning from my stylist. Come on, that was like, 8 years ago. Darn it, I feel old...)
You know one person who is mystifying to me?... Dita Von Teese. She is just so amazing. It's no wonder she has such a fervent following. She embodies true Hollywood Glamor in my opinion. It's like watching Ava Gardner or Veronica Lake. Dita never has a hair out of place, perfect make-up and she carries herself with such grace, she's just fun to watch. To say she is an inspiration doesn't even depict how much of an influence her image has had on me. Not that I'm going to put myself together perfectly everyday and spend more time in front of a mirror than out living life, but its the overall package. She puts so much effort into looking beautiful and put together how can she not inspire? Putting more effort into my appearance and how I put myself together is where she is a muse for me. It brings a certain confidence that I wouldn't achieve in scrubs. If I feel good presenting myself to the day, how could I go wrong? Thanks Dita, you rule.

Dita pics can be found at this site.
What celebrities inspire you?

In particular, my hair totally hit the mark. YAY, now I just have to do rollers per night :)

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