Sunday, June 13, 2010

Busy Bee...

My posting has been neglected and this time, it was for good reasons. Being happily busy celebrating friends and family. My hubby went back to school and got his business degree so celebrating and hanging out has been tantamount to anything else. It's been pretty nice. I haven't even had a chance to download most of my pictures. So this week I am going to play catch up with some backlog of cuteness :) - in my humble opinion.
This is my firecracker dress. Its my go to for comfort and it still feels put together. I love the yellow, white and grey on the navy background. I love wearing yellow with it too.
I haven't taken any pictures with my baby - my car. It gets me everywhere I need to go, and fast if I so choose. (Not really, more like if the LA traffic so chooses.) I thought it was fitting to show you all where every last bit of cash I have has gone recently... Both back and front brakes need to be done and wow - that really depleted my "fun funds". The past couple of months have been very thin in the "fun funds" area. At least I feel like I've fulfilled my mustang responsibilities until the next oil change. I gotta be able to count on my car. Public transport around here means a lot of walking from one pick up/drop off to where I need to go.
I love my car. I always wanted a '69 fastback mustang, but I can't really afford the upkeep on such a pristine vehicle. Not like I had the option. So when Ford redesigned in 2005, I was a happy camper. It was my first brand new car purchase, and probably my last, but I love it :) (I'll also love it even more when I pay it off this year - YAY! I really hate car payments. I would have an infinitely larger savings account if I didn't have 'em.)

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