Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sweep The Leg Johnny!

Well, I made it to the beach with our friends for a beach day this last weekend. I went with a bikini. I was feeling better after my little "I'm feeling fat" episode last post. It was a beautiful day and a little breeze was sweeping through the cove-like Leo Carillo beach. It's such a pretty beach. It reminds me of the beaches I used to frequent when I lived up North. 38th and the Cove (or Black's Beach) were like the best places to spend time with friends during the week and weekends when I was younger. I used to be a super sun worshiper. All we did throughout summer was go to the beach for workouts or just to hang out and lay around soaking up the sun. I used to get a color brown that is simply not healthy for my skin. *sigh* those were the days - young, healthy skin. Thanks to all that spare beach time, my freckles now border on sunspots LOL. It's a sad thing- no one could hammer into me the importance of staying out of the sun when I was a teenager. Laying out in the sun was just too tempting.
It's hard to kick old habits I guess, 'cause I'm a LOBSTER! My poor back is so burnt. I was laying on my tummy talking to some friends the whole time. The breeze made me forget or disregard (I can't really admit to forgetting, being lazy is more like it) the SPF85 I had in my bag. Dum-da-dum-dum DUMB!!!!!!
So I guess this will be the one time this year I will allow myself to burn. Even the backs of my legs were bright red. Thank goodness I don't have leather seats to stick to when I'm in my car. I opted to put up some pics I took a while back rather than scare anyone with ensembles that display my poor, super pink legs.
I simply must say, I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! Kulots are such a nostalgia inspiring piece of clothing. My mom used to dress me in them all the time. Those and little purple corduroy jodhpurs, that I could totally get away with rocking now a days. I found both while thrifting at different shops and couldn't believe my luck when I spied the kulots to match the $2.00 blazer. It reminds me of the jackets caterers wear, or like a Japanese school uniform :) (This ensemble makes me think of Karate Kid when he goes to the country club to pick up his date and she was dancing with Johnny. All the servers were wearing their uniforms. lol SWEEP THE LEG!)
What do you think of the floral headband? I have a DIY tutorial that I am going to write up soon for this exact hair do-dad. So stay tuned, I'm really gonna need some feedback.
 I've been avoiding the process since I've never done one. I can't let the process intimidate me. This is the exact kinda thing I would do in college to procrastinate doing a paper. I am a lifetime member of the Procrastination Club - New members always welcome!

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