Friday, July 23, 2010

Abeo - I do not know what you mean, but you're beautiful!

Hello - I would like to introduce you to my newest babies... My Lucky Brand sandals 'Abeo'. (Nope, can't stop buying shoes - so don't ask.) I LOVE them. They make me about 6'2" and anything making my legs look longer is a good thing. I think these are the "hippest" pair pf shoes I've purchased in a while. They really aren't reminiscent of the 70s at all for a clog, which is fairly out of character for me. Regardless, I coveted these for some time prior to purchase. I waited for sales and then when they weren't on sale enough, I went scouring for coupons. I found one! $40 off the original price, $80 was still A LOT, but I kept thinking about them. I'm such a glutton. Aren't they beautiful?! I sleep with them...
And look at the cute little pull on the zipper. Apparently they are supposed to bring 'Peace' to my feet.
Obnoxiously, they are now on sale on for $60. I would have loved to have that extra $20 - maybe to go towards those damned Jeffrey Campbell's I just ordered. But cst la vie, I pay the price, literally, to get them in my hands sooner than was truly necessary.
wonder woman pose
Tooling around the Internet I found an inspirational closet. (No way will anything I put together would look as wonderful that, but a girl can dream.) My hubby is in Vegas this weekend, little does he know what I am doing to occupy myself...I will be reorganizing our closet. Insert evil laugh  *heheheheheheh* I may even move some of his goodies elsewhere - he won't miss 'em. Besides, my shoes are outta control and he's in friggin' Las Vegas. So there.

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