Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Band Aid has been pulled...

Today I did it. I pulled the Jeffrey Campbell band aid. The ‘Splendid’ clogs in black suede are on their way.

I’ve been hearing about this dude since I started reading blogs. Seriously, every blog I read that isn’t vintage based has done a post about this designer, either they have bought numerous pairs or drool over his designs. I’ve been very resistant to really like something I see of his just due to his sheer popularity. Once I thought about it, he’s a rich man’s Steve Madden “the king of copies”. No one’s intellectual property is out of reach for SM to appropriate and I see that in Jeffrey Campbell’s designs as well, but on a more reserved level (he doesn’t appear to come out with 250 designs per year like SM though.) Since we all know I have a gazillion Steve Madden shoes, it was hypocritical of me to dismiss JC due to his popularity. I do like quite a few of the designs I see in Urban Outfitters.
The first pair I really dug was the ‘Splendid’ clog, that pretty much everyone has (the gold studs and wood bottom – soo cute!), but I couldn’t justify the price tag when they weren’t all that unique. 120 bones is not really an amount I can easily explain away, 60 on the other hand - that I can do, not easily, but still doable.

So here I am, discussing at length, my new clog purchase from Nordstrom from the Jeffrey Campbell section. (Also, if you are budgeting stringently, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go anywhere near Nordstrom’s massive annual clearance, you will become seriously poor. Just a warning…)
I forced myself to do what Kyla from Blue Collar Catwalk calls ‘the pillow test’. Sleep on it and if you still want ‘em/can justify their purchase – go for it. Either that or kick yourself when you buy them and never wear them, or kick yourself when you don’t buy them, but can’t keep them out of you cranium closet – the place where all regretted unpurchased items go to die.
I wait with baited breathe until their arrival….to see if JC really is all that!

If he is, these gorgeous foot holders might be on the list next:

Note: the first time I saw someone abbreviate for Jeffrey Campbell JC, I thought they were referencing Jesus Christ. I thought for a moment, “these fashion people are really spiritual.” LOL

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LyddieGal said...

I made the same Splendid splurge the other day! I'd been wanting them for a while and Nordstrom was the only place for them at half off -- so my size finally came in stock and I bought them in an instant!

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