Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Appears to Be Here to Stay

The heat outside is oppressive - must be a valley summer! Thank god my work building is nicely air conditioned. I really only have to worry about my walk to and from the car. (Sometimes I have to question if I want to leave the building at lunch - go out into the world. We have a cafeteria in the center I work in. No need to ever leave. Purposefully designed? I think so.) Usually by Friday, the call of Urban Outfitters becomes quite loud and very difficult to ignore. My favorite is their 50% off all sale items. Holy Moses! Best EVER! I high-tail it out for lunch to participate in some retail therapy, even if it's as hot as the sun outside.
Side note: A sweater took part in this ensemble at work, but for these pictures, I almost melted, hence sans work appropriate shoulder cover.
UO had nothing to do with these adorable over the knee socks, only Target. The blue velvet bows are sooo cute. A bit over the top and a bit much, but shoot they set off the blue in that is mixed with the brown so well. $3 on clearance, I thought a couple of wears and they were paid for. It helps that they're comfy, too.
I've been waiting for these wedges to go on super sale on stevemadden.com. I've been checking every couple days to see if they were marked down, even though I get daily emails with their new deals. One day, I didn't even have to hope prior to entering the web address, I received an email with an awesome 9 hour special...$29.99 + free shipping - SOLD!
my precious baby Harley - he's just so cool! 

I then told myself to stop buying shoes... The End :)

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