Monday, August 16, 2010

PONDRANCE of TIME….there’s not enough of it

I will say it proudly, I love my full skirt! I just love the look. I wish I could find a dress that had this full bottom for a wedding I have coming up in September. And no, Betsy Johnson's party dresses are WAY too expensive. Otherwise, if they weren't - this one would be mine:
So all last week, I was so busy with life. I forgot my computer existed. I can’t figure out how some of the bloggers I follow do it. I read how they get up, go to the gym, go to work (or then go to the gym), go home, take pics, upload and write every night or every other day. How is this possible I ask??? I am sooooo envious of these “get it done” ladies that have style and hammer out time to express their style through a blog. I feel like my days are so full as it is and to carve out extra time on a regular basis doesn’t really fit into my routine thus, this blog always takes the back seat. I just have to learn to be ok with that I guess. It’s not that I have people bugging me to post, it’s just something I like to do that I try to fit into my busy days.
However, I can’t even seem to find time to get to the gym on a regular basis… work out after a long days’ work and sit in traffic to get to and from work just isn’t happening. I feel so harried. I guess the gym’s not something I really want or I would probably do a better job at making time for it…

Maybe it’s the time of the year, too. We’re so busy with projects on the weekends that spending time on the Internet doesn’t make sense for me. I really could think of a dozen reasons why I haven’t gotten on the Internet to post. I miss it when I don’t though. I feel more accomplished that I have something I can complete outside of my regular socialization. But I have to remember balance.
I don’t want to take quality time away from my personal life, but I also want to maintain a life line into the world I can’t touch outside of my own experiences.

Since this topic has been on my mind for sometime, I thought it was interesting that a blogger I followed was signing off from her blog experience, citing the exact things that I’m discussing here. She wanted to expand on her life and blogging was getting in the way. She had plenty of followers, plenty of positive reinforcement that she looked great, even a little vintage shop, etc…, but it sounds like it wasn’t fulfilling anymore. From her writing I could tell she really wanted to put her all into it and she did, that is why it was taking up so much time. But, her life outside of the Internet was calling, so she decided to stop blogging instead of posting sporadically. I’m bummed I won’t get to see her outfits, but I totally see where she’s coming from. This stuff sucks up time live it's an unsatiated beast, it's never ending.
Networking takes up the most time in my opinion. I would like to get back to posting on Weardrobe and Chictopia, but I haven’t made time in months. Also, the homogenization factor is EXTREMELY high (especially on To see the same style type being featured day after day after day from a pool of approx. 20 bloggers was so uninspiring to me. I am totally put-off off of those sites presently. (Even the “recent uploads” were starting to look the same.) When I get over myself, I’ll start up again.
In saying that, I think I just need a palate cleanser. I am going to roll through all my back logged photos, which are a lot at present, get those posted and get ready to start fresh. I also need to work on losing 10 pounds, but what’s new?! – that’s my life story!
This topic begs another question: How do people eat 5 small meals a day? Seriously, I barely find time to eat lunch and/or dinner, much less make my metabolism happy by eating like I’m supposed to. Wahhhhhhhh, wahhhhh! Alright, now I’ll get off my martyrdom cross.)

So that was way more than a penny worth of thoughts, until next time…

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Sarah said...

I love the pattern combinations you used. Great outfit!!