Wednesday, September 8, 2010

GILT Goodies

I’ve been on a spending spree… well not a total spree, but mini spree in my lil world. I rarely buy stuff from the daily updates I receive on sales from and etc… but sometimes the Gilt sales are like clearance sales at a regular store, but they still have some stuff in stock. (I have had trouble reserving inventory in the past when it says available, when it’s really not, but anyhoodle, I had luck this time around!) I have always loved Native American bead work so I am super stoked it has come back into fashion. I used to have a couple of necklaces when I was younger and collected Kachina-like dolls for years, but haven’t seen those types of goodies around for some time. (I actually just unearthed all the beautiful dolls I used to collect with my sister and darn it if they aren’t all in great shape. Yay! I am currently on the lookout for a vintage style curio cabinet.) Anthropologie and UO had some cute ones if not a bit overpriced so I decided to wait until I found one I couldn’t live with out. Guess what? I found it :)
It’s by a designer I haven’t heard of, but am now a great fan: Josefina de Alba. I dig the length, the colors are totally kitchy and the design is pretty contemporary, but like a moth to a flame (or me to a shiny object) it had to be mine! Sewing beads is something I dabble in and what I create is pretty simple yet still takes a good chunk of time, therefore I know what an effort it takes to make something of this caliber. Verdict - it is super awesome. The craftsmanship is something I can totally appreciate. I sure hope it meets all my expectations when it comes in, like – forever. Have you ordered anything from Gilt? It seems like it takes 3-4 days longer than anywhere else I order stuff. I guess that’s one of the reasons they can offer the deals they do? Who knows.

I also randomly purchased this Tarina Tarantino bracelet. I don’t have anything with sculls on it since they have come into popularity. My opinion: they look pretty cheesy if you take them seriously, but I think in a bright color I could make them work for me. One drawback from the fabulous $20 sale bracelet is that I can’t find any matching earrings or necklace anywhere! I don’t normally have to be matchy matchy, but I would have really dug the matching earrings within the same Tarantino style. So – potential solution: I am going to try my hand at sculpting some of my own. I was going to get on that project tonight. I’m apprehensive, it’s one of my 50% projects - 50% chance of being totally awesome and me being really proud of myself, or a 50% chance of turning out totally crappy then I will have wasted a bunch of time. I guess I’ll find out what 50% it’s going to be later. Wish me luck!

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