Friday, September 17, 2010

...Wait A Minute Mr. Postman

YAY! My Gilt package came! And the necklace is beautiful.
A hearty “YUP” to the quandary- will it be as awesome as I imagined?
Since I made the purchase, I have been picturing it with a black background to make the colors pop. However, I looked in my closet to find, that oddly enough, I don’t have very much black by way of tops  (even though my closet is exploding). I have a couple dresses and some skirts, but only a couple of black tops. The ones I have acquired are either a little snug and show all forms of back fat – which I HATE!!!! or they just aren't blowing up my skirt anymore. So I promptly went out to KOHL’s to find a black top with the primary requirement that it doesn’t show all my physical insecurities. I came upon this cute retro cut top. It's not plain black, but a fun graphite and black pattern.  Love it! I can’t get enough of the boat neck and cap-like sleeves. I like that it’s a tunic rather than a dress. What really helped sell me was the belt. You know I love a good belt.
And in other news...I've become a Jeffrey Campbell convert.
this is how much i love them
I bought these Jeffrey Campbell's as a “you’re done with your commission and you got paid!” treat. I waltzed into Nordstrom during their shoe clearance and walked out with these beauties. I’ve worn them almost everyday since their acquisition. I can’t believe they fit so well for a closed toe shoe, they are DA BOMB! Honestly, they should be though, even on sale they were $100. That’s one big splurge for me! Yikes, but I’ve already worn the heck out of them so they will be put in my “Stellar Purchase” file.
Also, I have returned to my old faithfuls – BANGS! I have had thick bangs on and off since high school. I think they totally work for my face and I really shouldn't be without them (but they get boring after a while, hence my bang-less period.) I have to resist the urge to go too short. They looked good this day, but they're kinda long so I actually have to “style” them in the morning – read: blow dry them with a round brush. I’m going tomorrow to get them trimmed up and my hair recolored. I’m working my way back towards lighter red on the hair spectrum. I love dark red/aubergine but, it’s pretty dark and I’m ready for a change – again. I must resist going back to blond. I’m sure my stylist wouldn’t even do it on principle because he would be afraid my hair will fall out J

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- Tessa said...

Cute-cute-cute! Ahh, the dreaded back fat, made worse by a good bra - UGH! And NOT FAIR. But you look adorable and I LOVE the new bangs!