Tuesday, November 9, 2010

870 Miles Later - I'm Back Where I Started

Sweet LA - it feels good to be home. I had a nice, long and eventful weekend traveling from Southern California to Northern California. My 'Stang is tired (and so is my behind from all the driving). It (the car, not my rear) did very well on it's first trip to the ocean. It's just strange it happened to be a Central California ocean rather than the beach that is 30min away from me. The whole trip was a bit of a whirlwind, seeing friends and getting in family time keeps me super busy every time I'm up there. I barely had a minute to breathe, but it was fun.  
I have some pics, not a plethora, but a few I will put up from our jaunt to San Francisco from Santa Cruz. My parents took my sister and I to The Impressionists Exhibit at the De Young museum. As an Art History major, it's always extremely exciting for me to see the original paintings/art work that I studied so furiously for 4.5 years. (I still have yet to take my romanticized and coffee filled European excursion to see all the great masters I've studied in college.)  Expanding my cultural horizon is always something I dig, especially when it has to do with art. But enough of that, onto the ensemble....
Simple and totally comfy was my goal and I pretty much achieved it. My hip was killing me so a heeled shoe was out of the question, onto the saddles - so inviting, just like slippers :) I do think I could wear them everyday, if I didn't mind overdoing the school-girl look (which I do too much of as it is.)
I had to leave work a little early to make it to a Physical Therapy appt. so I was able to grab some pictures while the sun was still in the sky. I'm a bit sad I don't have to hurry home for the next couple of months to catch the daily dying light. On the brighter side - I get to layer up and dress for the cold!


Grit and Glamour said...

KellyAnn, thanks for stopping by G&G and leaving me a comment! Nice to meet new bloggers.

I love your saddle shoes. Haven't seen them in years, but they really work well with the dotty skirt.

♥ V
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Fashion Clothes said...

Really love your outfit in these pics- especially when you added the cardi!