Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Where There Is A Parade - I Shall Lead It...

Well the mood has brightened as has my jacket choice. My version of military style kinda turned into Majorette (possible parade leader) or band member. Adam Ant, Sergeant Pepper - they would totally approve.
I found this jacket at Salvation army with only the white piping. The Asian design was a bit 90s, but at $2 I knew I could work with it. I  added some gold stripes and big 'ol gold buttons and here we are. I like it. It's a bit wild, but shoot, so am I :)
Life has totally blown up the past week or so. I have been super busy. I have so much planned over the next couple of days, posting is not quite at the top of my list. I have a nice little stock pile of ensemble pics though. :) I just have to get to them.
Do you like the boots? I DO! I found them at Ross. I needed them like I needed a hole in the head, but you know the drill.
They are super comfortable leather, a bit pricey for Ross at $50, luckily I can wear them all day and then some - Crazy Fabulous! I never really envisioned myself buying such a stubby little boot. I have been turned recently by how many girls are totally rocking them. Far be it from me to deny myself the potential to rock a pair of boots. HA! They aren't the most flattering with these patterned stockings so I've tried them with other opaque tights and they're the ticket.
Here's a little dance to invoke a great weekend to all! Hope it comes fast.

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Ashley J said...

Um, I am so liking this outfit head TO toe!!! I cannot believe you tweeked that jacket, it is amazing!