Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Now It's My Turn

OK, so here's the deal...ever since I was a kid (in the 80s) I wanted to dress like I was a teenager or young adult of the 80s. I looked up to all the pretty girls in the TV shows we watched. I was so fascinated with the outfits of all the females. Moonlighting, Falcon Crest, Dynasty, Dallas all those good, but terrible shows, I so envied the women in all of their shimmering gowns with the undeniable style of the early to mid 80s, they were just the bees knees! After School Specials, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - don't even get me started - fashion GOLD!
Even as I grew older and grunge set in, which I whole heartedly embraced, I secretly wished I could dress like I was in high school circa 1986. So with the resurgence of the styles of the decade that I envied when I was younger is kinda neat. Especially at a time when I'm experimenting and comfortable with myself enough to do so. Needless to say I'm happy, yet totally horrified, that 80s fashion has returned. While a lot of pieces are just gross, some are nostalgic and fun. For example, this jumpsuit. Kinda hideous, right?! But I love it. :) Now I fulfill my secret fashion desires, dress like Facts of Life is still on in Primetime (Boarding School and George Clooney versions).

Confession: I have a skirt with palm leaves in orange, yellow and tan on a brown background. It reminds me so much of the helicopter the character TC used to fly on Magnum P.I. (same colors) that is it is now dubbed my Magnum P.I. skirt. *insert huge nerdy smile here*
The inseam is a bit short and the top could have about another half inch where it connects to the pant but, I still wanted it terribly so I made it so. I chuckle every time I pull it out of the closet. That's when I know I'm not going to regret my purchase, when it thoroughly entertains me. Going to the bathroom takes a bit longer however, the zipper down the back is super long. Ha! 
Next time, I want to try the pants rolled up, maybe pegged - yup, I wrote it, pegged.
I might eventually have to make a cuffs to lengthen the pants, but I need to find a similar or complimentary color fabric. Who knows how long that's gonna take...(well I can guarantee at least 29 more days - remember no buying stuff for me for 30 days as of yesterday...)
I hope my day at work goes quickly tomorrow. I'm looking forward to the weekend because that means we're that much closer to relaxin' :)

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