Wednesday, November 17, 2010

'Staches and Removable Collars

Life is kinda monotonous right now, so I put on a mustache to liven up the post. I've always loved facial hair on a man. I have a particular soft spot for mustaches. My dad has been sporting one for about 45 years. I can't imagine him any other way - literally. When I was sitting in traffic on the way home the other day I was trying to occupy myself and tried to picture my dad without his 'stache and I simply couldn't. Funny how you can associate one look with someone so much you couldn't imagine them any other way.  
For some reason I really dig green and yellow together. This short sleeved sweater was such an awesome purchase. I haven't found any sweaters I've liked half as much recently. I would love to find another, but only after the next 28 days of course.
Aren't these earrings wild? I bought them about a year ago at H&M and have only worn them once before. I thought they were kind of large and overwhelming, but I've gotten used to them and I need to add them into my winter rotation. I don't need much other adornment when I wear them, that's for sure. The bracelet - I made during my bead sewing period. I need to make a necklace of sorts, but I don't quite know yet the design. It'll come to me soon no doubt. I'm looking forward to it :) I haven't put together a complicated piece in a while and I hope it gets my creative juices flowing.
I did read this FABULOUS tutorial on how to make a removable, faux fur collar. Whoa! So excited! Colette Patterns rules! Guess what I'm doing this weekend?! I have some beautiful faux fur I purchased at Joann's Fabric on clearance for a couple of dollars eons ago. I've been saving it for the perfect project and I think I found it. YAY!
Another amazing blog is Casey's Musings (that's where I first saw the Colette Patterns tutorial). Every time I drop by for a gander at a new pattern, sewing technique or outfit she has created, I'm in AWE! She is amazingly talented. I can't stress talented enough either. She knows how to do everything there is to do within the craft of sewing, she's quite knowledgeable and she's quite lovely to look at to boot. She really seems to like what she does, the inspiration is infectious :) It's super neat. You simply must stop by if you want to be inspired (or in my case sometimes disappointed at how much I have to learn. Ha!)


Meda said...

Hey KellyAnn,

Gosh that is one of the sweetest comments I got for my blog!
It's hard to believe that people actually read it.
I would give you a big thank you hug.
Thank you very much!

And I also the braid you did with you hair. Very cute.


Sarah said...

Cute look. I really love this yellow color. It looks great on you!

SWF_Terra said...

Oh yes, those earrings are fantastic! And I adore your milkmaid braids. My dad had a stache my entire childhood. The first time I saw him without it, he had dressed up, like FULL ON, as the Phantom of the Opera for Halloween. It was so strange!