Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Handles of Alcohol for EVERYONE!!!

Not dead, but definitely satiated! Roger Waters was spiritual! I sat on the concert bubble for days, it was wonderful! Last time “The Wall” was performed in L.A. was 30 years ago. Now after this last round, probably never again. I feel very fortunate (and fairly spoiled - the tickets were FREE).
Now I am back to reality. Busy reality. I think I’m only going to be posting once a week through the rest of December. It’s such a hectic month. We’re busy every weekend starting NOW. Luckily it’s a good hectic, (I haven’t run out of $ for Christmas shopping yet.), present shopping has officially started. Thank goodness for Costco! Coats, mass quantities of cookies and hard alcohol handles for everybody!!! Just kidding – it sure would be easy though.
My co-workers were having a tough day yesterday so I figured I would try to do some snooping (not really all that stealthy) for gift ideas under the guise of concern over their stress levels- "Hey guys, let’s take a minute to digress from all the work shall we? If the day was over right now, what kind of drink would you make for yourself?”
1.) Large glass of Italian red wine

2.) Bombay Sapphire Gin Martini with as many olives as will fit.

Yay – gift baskets to make each drink it is Boys. Sometime my executives are hard to buy for once I’ve exhausted the other “token” gifts (candle, picture frame, tie, pat on the back –jk). It has to be classy, but not too expensive cause I’m not made out of money… Normally I find something totally last minute so I’m super happy I have ideas. One of which I have to get this weekend since one is taking a holiday vacation early.
Like my scarf? I grabbed it from my scarf bin as I was walking out the door. It’s the same color as the skirt! I feel very “matchy-pants” but I think it works. I made it years ago and haven't worn it too much so it was nice for it to come out of a forced retirement.
I am pretty sick of looking at pics of me in my yard. I hope to get some more pics of me in the actual situation in which I wear these ensembles. Be prepared for holiday party outfit pics. I’m also going to try to take pics of all of the fabulously sequined sweaters all the golfers wear to my In-law’s Christmas party. This is the first year in a while in which I didn’t buy a new fancy dress for the occasion. Go Kelly Ann! *spirit fingers wiggles*
I hope your holiday seasons are moving along at a manageable pace!
Until later :)

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