Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So this is the New Year Huh?

Thank heavens that holiday season it OVER! It was stressful and long, but short at the same time. It felt like the weeks between the holidays were quick, but the build-up felt like forever. I did what I could to keep everything low key so I wouldn’t get too frustrated. Things are now getting back to normal, even though I still feel like another shoe is going to drop. I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but I feel it. Strange? – yes.

On a brighter note, we’ve been having a solid winter season. It’s been cold and raining and when it’s not raining, just cold. I love it. It reminds me of winters when I was younger in Santa Cruz. A much colder climate all around.
These pics are from my in-laws Christmas party. The older we get, the less enticing the bar + bartender are (the bar is sooo stocked and the bartender is really great). We used to look forward to drinking all we wanted and eating the catered food. Now we don't drink as much and the new caterer isn't that awesome, we also don't know many people there. We just kind of suck it up and go to see the family that attends. We’re lucky to have some place to go though. If not, there would only be work holiday parties by way of social celebrations – not so fabulous.

Since I was under my self-imposed "no shopping" ban, I grabbed this outfit from my packed closet - simple, but comfortable. I’ve gone from really dressing up for this event to a bit more casual.
My hubs looked at me and said, “are you wearing that shirt over it?”
“Why yes I am dear, that’s why I have it on.” *irritated smile* Butthead.
He always has 2 cents to share if he doesn’t dig something I’m wearing. Good thing I love you darling.
dress + shirt: h&m, boots:, tights: via amazon
I, on the other hand, liked the men’s dress shirt with sparkles look and I really liked my burgundy combo with the gold dress. These boots are pretty comfortable if not a bit insane. What am I going to wear these with? I have to get pretty creative so I don’t look like Wonder Woman. But really, are you surprised I own a pair of red knee high boots? Not so much.

my big foot and my man's bigger foot
my in-law's gorgeous tree
I hope everyone had a great holiday and New Year. I’m still having trouble writing 2011.


Ashley J said...

I like your outfit...husband's never understand! I try something on for mine and he hates it but I post it on the bLog and get like 20 comments about how cute it is!!!!

CAITLIN said...

love the sparkles! i wanted to wear sequins for nye but had to settle for plain old gold :p... oh well, next year!

Vicki said...

lovely photos!! :) x

Ana said...

well your boots are amazing:)

Lots of hugs,