Thursday, January 13, 2011

Slow as Molasses in January - Yes I Am

Good lord, the other shoe dropped, then there was a rain storm of shoes. So far this year has been a challenge. Oh Yay - *dripping with sarcasm*
I haven’t had much to say or been motivated to do much of anything. This, apparently, is the season of the “Blahs”. I gotta turn this around somehow. Positive thinking maybe? Not like I have anything to lose, I may have to just try.
It only took 4 months to post some pics of my mural I did this summer. I’m just so quick with these kinds of things *read – ridiculously slow*. I’m actually pretty proud of it. Like I’ve mentioned before, it forced me to paint and create something.
It’s located on the backside of my in-laws home in front of a fountain they purchased on the other side of the world on some fantastic trip they went on last year. My mama in-law was going to put a regular trellis and real flowers, but there was a space issue that thwarted that plan. She still wanted something behind it to compliment the fountain so she decided – mural. I was happy to oblige.
The wall has a stucco style texture so I couldn’t use my painters tape to outline the trellis. The bumps could have potentially ruined any kind of straight line I wanted due to seepage. I couldn’t screw up, I had no house paint to paint over any mistakes, um - Yikes. Also, I had to place it exactly where the lines were going to be and went free hand while pulling it up from the wall. The mapping out process took hours and hours to get the scrolling correct etc…It really didn't help that the little niche wasn't totally straight or flat.
I used a flat exterior paint for the base color and a semi-gloss for the rust accenting (which you can't really see, I took the pics at night, obviously. It adds some dimension - the rust accents, not the night.) The flowers, vines and leaves were done with exterior semi-gloss paint. The tester sizes were perfect for the foliage since I didn’t need a whole bunch. So, that’s that. Every time I go over there I check it out to make sure the paint is in good shape and well, to admire my work :)
I gotta pull out a canvas and work on a smaller scale. 
Outfit post coming shortly. I’m trying to get back in the swing of things, but my brain is totally resisting...
But, this makes me happy:


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Anonymous said...

Your mural is BEAUTIFUL!!!

- Tessa