Tuesday, January 25, 2011


It was so rainy this fall and frosty even a couple of weeks ago, now it's like, 70 degrees on average, even up to 90 degrees. Come on, that's totally insane for January! What happened to my winter? I know other states are having typically cold and snowy winter weather that can be absolutely no fun, so my frustration at this oddly temperate climate for this time of year may fall on deaf ears, but I miss my coats, scarves and having a real necessity for gloves :(  I so look forward to wearing all those layers... I barely have a reason to be wearing this here sombrero.
beret: Nicole Miller via TJ Maxx; dress: UO; bag: Coach via the outlet; boots: SteveMadden.com
So even though I've missed the cold I guess I'm glad the weather 'round here isn't being difficult. An overwhelming out-pouring of optimism, I know. 
Enough of my whining and onto the accessories, as much as I love this purse I think I need to put it to bed for a bit and grab another one from my collection. Maybe something a little darker and season appropriate, no?

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