Friday, January 21, 2011

The Margarita Bottle

dress: Ross; sweater: Kohl's; tights: target; socks: UO; platforms: JC via Nordstrom  
Wednesday I came home after a long day, fed the dogs, listened to my man recount his day, got into comfortable clothing and then decided I wanted a Margarita. Why not? I worked hard all day, besides the hubs had just brought home a bottle of our favorite Margarita mix, we even had Triple Sec. Crushed ice added to glass, shot and ½ of alcohols and then the mix, gave it a shake and whoops – there it went – All. Over. The. Floor. Why couldn’t the bottle have been made of plastic just this once?!
Note to self: get rid of the legging tights. They are pointless as you always wear socks over them anyway and in this case, you can see right through them socks, plus they get bunchy at the knees :( Throw them in trash as soon as possible.
15 minutes of meticulous cleaning and vacuuming later, my sad glass of ice and alcohol sat there incomplete – without a mixer. I was more irritated at that moment than I was when I dropped the bottle. Thank heavens we had orange juice and grenadine, Tequila Sunrise – that would have to do.
This weekend I'll stick with beer J


April said...

haha love the story, though bummer about the margarita! :(

i'm obsessed with knee socks (..and OTK socks...and thigh highs) and I just bought that pair from Target too! love how you wore them :D

Ashley J said...

That last picture is super cool and that sucks about your should have just taken a shot of tequila!