Thursday, February 24, 2011

Monkey Puzzles Are Dangerous

On Sunday, it was such a clear and beautiful day and we were bored so we made our way over to a local nursery. We just wanted to walk around and check stuff out and drool over what we can't have. (High quality plants are REALLY expensive.) It was pretty frickin cold, but we had a nice time. A little bit of time together outside of the house is always welcomed.
The thing that made me happiest - the family of metal Giraffes. I want them for my yard! If I had the money I would make a huge winding garden with statues/sculptures of animals everywhere. That would be super awesome, a little creepy - Alice in Wonderland style creepy, but awesome!
Sometimes creepy is OK for decor, however I prefer creepy outdoors as opposed to indoors.
dress: Luca via UO; tights: assets via; boots: Steve Madden store; jacket: GAP

I purchased these boots at the Steve Madden clearance this last weekend. There was an extra 50% off of clearance shoes online and I found some stuff I liked. Since it was clearance, everything was non-returnable so I couldn't order anything due to their weird sizing. I own size 9s to 11s in this brand which is kinda nuts. I opted to visit the store instead to see if their great sale happening there too - it was! These weren't even on the website and I totally fell for them. Weeeeeee, lil booties that I'm gonna try to wear year round - oh the fun I'll have...
Here's a lil taste of nature for your Thursday :
Monkey Puzzle Tree - this thing was lethal. The leaves are as sharp as they look.
Pretty butterfly leaves.


Lynn said...

Love your skirt!

Jennyboo said...

I love the print on the skirt. It is so colorful and cheerful- perfect for Spring! xoxo