Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Punxsutawney P. - You're The Cutest Thing About Today

Well, it got cold and rainy for like - A day. It's a bit cooler, but not much. I guess since the Groundhog didn't see his shadow, I'm outta luck for my be-loved winter weather. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 80. Yikes. It's crazy that it's supposed to warm up again around here and 29 states are getting dumped on with blizzarded snow as I type. The earth is a wild place.
skirt: I made (with this tutorial); tights: Bare Assets via Target;
turtleneck: Old Navy; heels: Richard Tyler via Crossroads
Turtlenecks- not a favorite of mine, but after I saw Kendi of Kendi Everyday rocking a turtleneck (simple, but classy), I  was inspired to try them out again. I marched my way over to Old Navy and picked up this black one from the clearance section. I figured under $10 was an OK expenditure for something I wouldn't wear very often, ya know- unless it was considered  pretty cold out. I like it, but the ribbed aspect of it perplexes me as most ribbed sweater tops do... Is there ANYONE that can make the waist on these things not seem like it's 2 inches bigger than reality? I had to buy a small so I wouldn't incur extra bunching... A small?! Really?! Anyhoodle, I like how it works with something high waisted. I felt good in this ensemble all day - yay!
Sassy I might even say...


Fashion Therapist said...

Love the color combo of this outfit. I too have always been a little skeptical about turtlenecks, but now I'm seeing them pop up all over the blogsphere.

Ashley J said...

You look chic and sassy in this outfit! I also love your hair pulled up like that and your bangs framing your face, very pretty!

Anonymous said...

It's the boobage - ribbed sweaters don't get along with boobage. (giggles)

- Tessa