Sunday, February 6, 2011

Appetizers Draw Me to Superbowl Parties

An outfit from this week, prior to the weather turning to 85 degrees. This is just crazy.
I let the dogs out this morning and a gust of oven-like heat hit me. It's super windy and warm for today's celebratory festivities. If I remember correctly, it was kinda warm last year on this day too...
I'm basically only attending the BBQ Superbowl party today for the appetizers. Our friends, who are the best party throwers, always have a fantastic appetizer spread. I fill up on guacamole and seven layer dig before the grill is even warmed up. And that is what I have planned again for today...
skirt: I made; tights: Betsy Johnson - TJ Maxx; heels: Anne Michelle - Ross; sweater: H&M
I'm NOT a Steelers fan and Packers is fine, but I have a very strong feeling that by the 3rd quarter Greenbay is gonna lose all semblance of control and give up the game to Pittsburgh. I mean, did you see the last games of the playoffs for either of these teams? I don't hold out much hope for a close game.
Also - who would rather gouge my eyes out than watch the half time show? THIS GIRL!!  
I know I'm a total Debbie Downer, but at least I'm looking forward to the food ;)
This outfit made me just as happy as the last post's outfit. It's the same proportions (same skirt tutorial), but with a different neckline. I just really like the shape it gives me.
So anyhoodle, I'm off to pick out my outfit for today. I want to wear something cute, not just comfortable. We'll see if I can successfully meld the two.

I also wanted to thank everybody for your comments. They are so much fun to read and I'm thankful for all of you - YOU KICK ASS!!!


Ashley J said...

Dang girl, you have been wearing some great outfits lately! Love the mix of patterns and those shoes!

CAITLIN said...

oh, the superbowl. it's totally all about the appetizers on my end, as well (although i had to make them this year because we were antisocial). i also slept through the halftime show after four grapefruit cocktails, but i hear i didn't miss much :)

i don't care much about football, and i've always chosen which team to root for based entirely on which uniform i like better. this year i thought the packers had cooler outfits (love the green and yellow!), and then they won! so that's excellent.

Laura said...

These heels may be the cutest things I have ever seen!!