Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine Inspired 2

Today was a celebrate pink day for this little Valentine challenge of mine. Green and pink together = awesome. When I unfolded this sweater as I was getting my ensemble really, I realized I wear the crap outta this thing! I love that the cherries are pink rather than red and the polka dots are green not black - just a bit unexpected and I dig it A LOT. I always seem to take pictures of it in my garden.
(It's a sad garden right now, we should start planting soon since the temperatures don't appear to be getting any cooler.) 
dress: Soprano via Nordstrom Rack; socks: Target; sweater, necklace, bangles: H&M; belt: Kohl's; hair clip: I made (craft supplies from Michael's)
Perfect opportunity for my fuchsia heels right?!
No, they aren't flats, but they are fabulous. So I went for the "fashion is pain" category today, obviously.
don't i look happy to have completed day 2? lol
Tomorrow's post is a red celebration so come on back to weigh in :)

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Matt said...

I love this outfit!! The socks are too fun, and the heels are fabulous! And the dress is super cute!! I hope its okay for me to comment on your blog! :)