Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine Inspired 1

I've been inspired by the Valentine's Day holiday coming up. I love me some pink and red together. It clashes so well :)
I've challenged myself with a little test this week. What is this test you may ask?
To wear something that celebrates red or pink in some way.
I've been feeling in a bit of a rut when I look in my closet lately. The Blogger Blazer day gave me a good direction for at least one day this week so I decided to give myself some parameters for the rest of the week. So far all is well, the inspiration is not hard to find.
This skirt used to be part of a button up, short sleeved dress. Even in an extra large (thanks for carrying larger sizes in Juniors Ross) it never really fit right. The "boobage" (to quote one of my favorite commenters Tessa) didn't really fit right, always a bit snug and short through the torso. I was cleaning out my closet one day and had it in the "get rid of" pile. I stared at it for a bit reticent to let it go since I loved the skirt of the dress so much. That was why I bought it in the first place (that and it was like $10). I cut off the top, fashioned some belt loops out of the discarded top fabric, a little hem at the top and I was done. The only problem? I didn't really consider salvaging the zipper on the side so when I was done, I had a skirt that has to go on over my head. LOL Whatever works, right?
And look at these babies! I love the buy one, get one 1/2 off sale at Payless. It's such a great value. I found two pairs of flats and only spent $18 pre tax. Even the hubby approved of the purchase. He came to the store with me to approve the styles (only because he was bored of playing video games, but it was still nice to have him approve of something I'm purchasing.)
I'm making an effort to wear flats lately. My hip has been killing me and flats are really the best thing. I have so many boots, a little slip on was what I was missing...
skirt: made from old dress; sweater: Elle via Kohl's; belt: from an old dress; tights: Betsy Johson via TJ Maxx (these tights don't last very long unfortunately); flats: Payless
Until tomorrow...

*gosh darnit-all that I didn't get a before picture of the dress before I turned it into a skirt. I'm terrible at planning this stuff...


Natasha said...

You did a great job with the dress/skirt...before and after picture?

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April said...

love the valentine's day theme! I love dressing for holidays :) I'm planning outfits for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday! :D

- Tessa said...

So talented, I wish I could sew. Even a skirt for over my head. :P And thank you so much for the sweet mention!!!