Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Awesomeness That Is Clearance

I went for "springy" with this outfit and kinda ended up looking pretty "wintry", but so did the day so it totally worked out. I took these pictures during a break in the rain and it was ccccccold.
I had pulled my lil heater closer to my chair and huddled near my keyboard all day. Maybe I should have grabbed a jacket on the way into work? *Der* All this talk about spring distracted me from my surroundings.
When we were in the mountains last weekend, my friend's wife and son and I went to the outlets. What is it about mountain towns and outlets? I know of so many, I guess it's to give people something to do. 'Cause if you don't want to stay in the house, there's not a tremendous amount of options during the winter in these small tourist towns. (I couldn't hit the mountain and I got a bit tired of reading.) The stores were very mountain-centric, Van Heusen, Bass, Ralph Lauren, Coach, and various others. (I feel like those first stores are staples in the outlet community.)
 I love a challenge! I always seem to find stuff at the Bass Outlet, but I also found some great jewelry at Van Heusen. Color me pleasantly surprised!
boots: Bass Outlet; skirt: Target; tights: Assets via; top: Goodwill(I've been wearing this sucker since high school!)
See my new little booties? I LOVE THEM! Here's their story:
I was checking out the super clearance section and I got so lucky. I saw these gems out of the corner of my eye. "Hmm, let me get a closer look at these babies. Wait a minute- I know these boots!" I was totally excited - I saw these at DSW for around $70! I couldn't afford them, but the Bargain Gods were smiling on me this day, my friends. Oh yes they were...
The price on the box $109 - price that made them mine - $20!
Say What?! Oh heck yeah!
I've been on the fence about getting a pair of moccasins (they remind me of being a kid and having a matching pink pair to my sister's white pair - 80s awesome!) I'm not sure if I want a color or simple brown.  So anyway, I saw these and liked the moccasin influence through the suede and the fringe details. And for the price, I was sure as heck going to give 'em a try.
 Does that ever happen to you? That the bargain makes the item so much more appealing than it was full price? I guess in retrospect that's kind of how I shop. That's how I end up with a bunch of weird sh*% that I love. 
I haven't been shopping much lately and it was a nice reward.


Anita riot said...

I just love it when the bargain gods smile upon me! love the boots! :D looking great as usual!


Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so pretty. x hivennn p.s enter my giveaway?

Meghan said...

I love your hair!

and if H&M comes to Santa Cruz, I won't want to move to a bigger town so much (haha just kiddin' I still would)

Anonymous said...

I really like your hair, your clothes and writing style. (And the background of your blog :D) This is such a clear, clean and fresh blog, it makes me want to read the whole thinggg! KEEP UP THE GREAT BLOGGING,

Your friendly Blogger,

From (my blog)>

amy.blose said...

I love your braids! I tried to do this to my hair recently, but my hair isn't thick enough.

Cute skirt!

Faboulista said...

i love the print on your skirt. the perfect touch to this outfit. u seem ready for spring.

ChanelAfterCoco said...

I love your skirt :)
(we can be followers if you want ;) ) bisous

Anonymous said...

Those boots are great! and I think they should come to me with the deer ring... :D