Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Good, The Bad and The Frumpy

I feel like my mom in this outfit (I don’t mean that in a truly bad way – just that I feel old.) But out of my affinity for disclosure of the good and the bad, I would consider this “the bad” or “the frumpy”. I guess this could be called comfortable, but I felt like the entire outfit aged me a decade and I felt like that all day. Sometimes I’m just not feelin’ it when I'm putting my outfits together. This was one of those times.
top: Candie's via Kohl's; pants: Truck Jeans via Alloy; oxfords: Chinese Laundry (Dirty Harry); necklace/belt: It's A Wrap
I do dig my necklace…it’s really an extra small belt that had a scarf running though a metal chain. I like how it makes a big bow. I think it would also look good layered with other silver necklaces. I feel like I have to incorporate it into something soon so I can get the bad taste of this ensemble outta my mouth. There's always tomorrow...
Tomorrow’s Friday! I can’t wait!!!!


- Tessa said...

Ooo I love that as a necklace! You do not look frumpy, but I know that when I feel that way, it doesn't matter what ANYone else says.

Emilina Sassperina said...

Agreed with Tessa.

Also, is that a Mustang??