Friday, March 4, 2011

Effortless Use of Stripes

Both dogs wanted in on this lil shoot. We've all seen Ruby do her thing, but doesn't my big dog (Harley) have such a pretty tiger stripe?! I assume that is why he smuggled into the picture- to show off his effortless use of stripes for the season.
dress: Target; tight: UO; boots: ZigiSoho via DSW; sweater: Time Out via Kohl's; scarf: It's A Wrap;
butterfly ring:; earrings: I made 
Do you have that one pair of tights that you love but settle about 1inch below crotch level? These red suckers fulfill that category for me. I dig the color and the stripes, but the fit is terrible! Maybe if I was a couple of inches shorter? (It doesn't help either that I put 2 nice lil holes around the thighs with my large and apparently sharp edged butterfly ring.) Anyhoo, these promptly made their way into the trash after this last wear. I'm glad I got a pic of them for posterity. UO doesn't carry them anymore.
I'm happy 'cause it's Friday. So far the only thing I have planned is making my way down to Santa Monica for brunch with my girlfriend and some window shopping. Yay! We try to do this once a month and it's such a nice way to catch up. It also gets me outta the valley. Last week we hung out with friends in Marina Del Rey and it rained the entire drive there and back. This week the drive should be much nicer. Maybe a "top down" drive :)
Have a great weekend!! Tonight when I get home I'll be drinking Guinness beer at room temperature in a pint glass with my husband relaxing - can't wait!


My Heart Blogged said...

Sorry about your tights, at least they were cute. My problem with tights is I feel so constricted in them. I don't wear them too often. I love the pattern on your scarf.
My Heart Blogged

Shasie said...

You have really great accessories!! I always have issues with my tights too! I try to get them bigger but then they bunch at the waist, but if they are too small they start rolling down over my stomach!! lolol

Sarai said...

Omg your dogs are beautifulll! Love your outfits! Oh no I can't deal with tights that are too low.. they'll defo go in the bin, so uncomfortable!

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